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This post expressed dynamic and poetic musing on the teaching. It brought out wisdom perspectives with devotion and feeling of aspiration. In reveling in the desire for enlightenment and remarking on the wisdom teaching, perseverance is key, in terms of feeling, thinking and acting. When the feeling (unconscious), thinking(conscious) and action(physical) become aligned it is possible to have dynamic movement that sheds contradictions, quandaries and sees beyond the waves and particles to discern the core, the essence, the light, the akhu.

As I feel the post shows a measure of balance and is essentially sound in terms of feeling and wisdom in the feedback below I will put forth ideas and suggestions for further reflections and for assisting the presentation to become more effective in time and space.


“What is the Best, Most Advantageous Thing to Do In Life? What is the Goal of Life?
That which will lead One to Nehast. Nehast is the Goal of Life.
This is all that there is to know. If it doesn’t lead to Nehast, in some way, 
then it is here to distract 
from the true purpose of Life. To know this, is all there is to know.

Every Goal has Worldly and Spiritual Values.”


This first section may be said to contain a rubric for all that follows. The goal of life and the pathway to achieve it. The following are questions for reflection and intellectual sharpness:

Is there or should there be a difference between the goal of life and the purpose of life?

If the goal of life is to follow “that which will lead One to Nehast” and “Every Goal has Worldly and Spiritual Values” – then what is the worldly value of Nehast?

If Nehast has some “Worldly Values” –and if the worldly values then “doesn’t lead to Nehast, in some way, 
then it is here to distract 
from the true purpose of Life” –so if the worldly aspects of Nehast lead to distraction from Nehast how is one able to follow: “That which will lead One to Nehast. Nehast is the Goal of Life”?



If one can control the mind, then can create one’s reality.

Sebai Maa Commentary pt 1

The Nature of Knowing Its Nature
no longer desire to change the world,
or save the world
now only desire is to see the world as it is, as the illusion
and attain nehest
only involved with activities that lead to nehast, or help you to obtain nehast.

True Spiritual Dispassion leads to
new perspective with healthy Khak Ab
no more superhero. just become nehast
world stays the same, yet we know Ra’s name
Become nehast, and airyu becomes a thing of the past

the world will become free, when humanity
frees themselves from world desires
Uha Uhau, relinquish worldly desires and live without time”



A profound statement: “
If one can control the mind, then can create one’s reality.” And what is controlling the mind? If we think of mind control as reigns on a horse or as a driver steering a car wheel that is one idea. What if we were to change the content of mind itself, the aryu? Then there would be no need to stress over what to –uha-let go of, wrestle desires, no need to wonder when enlightenment will come, no need to hassle with fighting egos’ challenges. All that would be needed is concern for the right ethical actions and concern to pursue the right teaching and feeling that comes not from a future outcome but from the moment of engagement. Every moment of engagement now, reading a teaching now, attending a lecture now, uttering a chant now, remembering the glories of She now, all are moments of engagement of positive feeling and meaning that contribute to change the content of aryu in real time. The more engagement, the more intensity, the more and faster change, yes, but no matter the speed, the goal is change, realignment, re-attunement that happens in the now even as it reaches its goal in the future. Therefore, concern with engagement now is more important than emphasis on looking to a future goal. Looking to the future goal is the ego’s setup for disappointment and bewilderment. Engagement in the now, not the past or future, is the opening of Nehas(mental awareness) that blossoms in Nehast(spiritual awakening).

Very good