Reply To: Teachings of Temple of Aset Lesson 2 Discussion Forum #2a


Udja Shems Arit.
Although there are many more recent posts that gave great insights into the teaching. I went all the way back to your 2016 #6755 post because it posts a question I find our time and space mind frequently goes back to in order to make sense of creation and its feeling of “realness”.
You asked about the connection between creation and God since creation comes from the mind of God (paraphrasing).

It was wonderful to receive Sebai’s response that the answer is in the silence…..haste to become godlike to know the answer if any. The answer will not be found here.
What you saved me though is an enormous amount of time and energy going down a rabit hole…again.
Dua for asking the question.
Dua Sebai for such a direct answer which expidites our movement toward silence.