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Arit Neter S

Dua Bast, Dua Meryt, Dua HetHeru
late evening/early dawn Ushet Uaa

Goddess Boat

On a Boat, the Boat of an Aspirant
Bast at the Helm, destroying Apep.
Sekhmet is there to defend and protect Maat. To Defeat Ego. 
Sesheta is there to keep track of everything, fighting Apep.
Music is Playing. The Aspirant is on the Boat,
singing a song for every Star, a song for Nut.
Nut is the Guide. Follow the Milky Way through the Sacred Hoop. To Asar, to become One with Asar. To Nehast. Continue Onwards, North towards the Never Setting Stars.
 Aset is the Great Celestial Navigator.

The Music of the Aspirant is what fuels the Boat. 
However, the Purpose of the Journey is 
NOT to Share the Music.


The Purpose of the Journey is to attain Nehast. Nehast is the Destination
The True Destiny of The Nation.

Kemet Boat with Sails

Then, upon further examination, you can see that
The Music of the Aspirant IS the Boat.
The Teachings are the Sails.
The Destination is Nehast.

All the Works and Movements: Festivals/Tours/Gigs/Classes/ Events/Sessions/Webinars
are merely stops along the way, along the journey. Opportunities to have experiences that lead to further growth and development. All Movements are from a Desire to Share the Music and Wisdom.
Opportunities to share Teachings,feelings and experiences, through Music that can lead one to Nehast, with others, 
to “push” us all towards Nehast.

The Waves are all the Tasks that must be done, and all of the interesting personalities of the Divine, that cause interference, distractions, agitation, and so, just Sail On towards the Beautiful West. The numerous heartaches along the way, awaiting the Rainbow after the Storm.
No longer embarrassed when others hear this music, the music of this journey, the music of this soul.
May All move towards enlightenment when this music is heard and shared. when this music is loved.

This is from a meditative process/journey/visualization that occurred recently.

Dua Meryt.
Shems Arit Neter S Mery Maati
Shemayet Heset