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Arit Neter S

Udja. More rewrites/commentary in attempt to post prose instead of cliff notes. still very long….from video from February 15, plus previous answers

Vacuousness of Ariyu: only what is abiding can be real
activated airyu is not real, however collectively, can appear to be the real deal.
Set is not a God, it is the personality of DELUSION IN THE MIND, the EGO DOMINATED kind, not an actual existence.

Strong Ego consciousness is like a concept etched in stone
cannot be easily removed or released, nor left alone.
temporary intentions of stimulated energies
only thing in your reality
 is your discovery
of Neter Neterty 

all of the movement is but a distraction
the abiding Self remains undeterred
Supreme Peace is Non-duality Hotep can flow when
Nothingness and Fullness are One and The Same.

Jubilation is Good 
if it Propels one forward 
to desiring to be at One with Divine
if it pushes you to Unite with the Divine, towards Nehast all the time
towards the object of Divine Love

Instead of growing spiritually, some folks grow materially or physically.
Instead of being High on the Divine, they grow fat off the hog
Vertical Movement of Aspiration versus Horizontal Movement of Desires.
A shining beam of light or a couch potato, obese and tired.

Once poison has been injected, it begins it’s work of breaking down the illusion. 
dispelling confusion

like a vaccination injected into the illusion of time and space, into the deluded mind,
permeated by desires of polluted and convoluted airyu.
but the injection does not mean the work of the poison is done.
persist and allow the poison to break down the illusion, 
as if folding clean laundry and putting it away.

AnRuTef stage:
the poisonous wisdom breaks down the illusion, destroys all confusion
enter with khak ab, set out to discover the nature of reality
a process of concentration will raise the serpent power 
and harmonization of dual serpents into The One.

the poison is a metaphor
for a nectar
of wisdom which breaks down the venom
of a creation that one is perceiving in the mind and the eyes are believing. and yet they are deceiving.

Ego Preservation Strategy is all puffed up, loud, grandizing itself, and misaligned
while The One with Humility: Big Up The Divine Every time!
like a Shetaut Neter Slim Fast, it’s the way to Nehast!

One’s Individual Perception of Creation is tinted by our own airyu
take off the tinted glasses, and view what Ra has in store for you.
Cannot change another person’s ariyu, cannot take the glasses off for them
Not for our favorite client, student or best friend.
We can clear up our airyu with our actions and our words, 
but we cannot save our loved ones. we cannot save the world.


What is Real?
Neter Neterty
Neter An Ren
the unspoken, unspeakable name
Do the Works of Lady Aset
enter into realms of higher consciousness
find the answers on one’s own, in one’s own way
The expectation of absolute answers is unrealistic in time and space.
the answer will be revealed in the oneness.


The experience feels real, but rest assured, it is not.
This Transcendental Divinity, this Truth Reality.
these things 
only have meaning
 in time and space
the requirement is to have a logical and sequential way
to walk through this Ancient Philosophical Day.
To attempt to understand everything all at once,
would be like an implosion of knowledge upon oneself.
Instead, move through this journey called wisdom like a Spiral Dance of Inner-Standing.

Grow Beyond Mind, Expand Beyond Time,
Escape the Delusion, Make No More Confusion.
Stop asking repeated questions, 

asking for definitions

for experiences 
that you have yet to find.

The answers will be revealed as one continues to be real, and do the work of Lady Aset.
Otherwise, you are just an observer
who does not yet deserve
to know the answer, or the word,
to know the name or
even how to play the game.

The real answer to the question is discovered in the Self
and will not happen while being deluded convoluted confounded polluted and disputed
by the lower ego
With Ego Self Preservation around, no answer will be found
Cannot save the world now, and attain Nehast later.
Nehast in every moment 
or to your own self, you are a traitor.

Allow your interaction
use your interface to the world
as a tool
to gauge where you are in your spiritual journey
to see how far you have travelled, to see how far you have come
you cannot be detracted or distracted from The One
you remain seated on your inner throne.

maintain one’s practical reality,
while in the same moment of duality,
make everything a matter of spirituality

delusion is negative airyu
ego is confusion, it’s not the true you
Spirit is NOT ego, Remember Sekhmet and HetHeru

There is a difference between the Path of Music vs being a Priestess of Music, a Clergy for the Teachings: one can be dis-harmonizing, and the other harmonizes the vibrations of the environment and human constitution.

The Study of Cosmic Sound and Resonances being manifest
Paths of harmony and Resonance with Higher Truth
Astral Sounds: Music designed to lead to the Highest Source
the Unspeakable Essential Nature
The Sound that brings Order to Creation
Harmonizing Ourselves without hesitation
Non-verbal sound


Chantress, serving the Divine through music, voice, song and cosmic sounds is not what I do, it is who and what I am, whether successful publically or not
Self Service, where sharing the sound is not the goal, value, success or worth. 
it is only one way.
May all the sweet sounds and may all compassionate and/or prosperous actions of sharing the sounds lead to enlightenment for all that can hear the sounds.