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Reading reflections

About the Symbolism of the trinity.

The symbolism of the trinity is expressed in diverse forms. There is the trinity of Amun Ra Ptah from which also emerged three main theologies of Amun, Ra and Ptah. There is as well the trinity of Religion expressed in the form of myth, rituals and mysticism. The symbolism of trinity is also underlying the temples architecture in the form of the peryistyle for the outer teachings and purification; the hypostyle for more advanced study about the Wisdom and the holy of holies dedicated to more advanced aspirants and represent the innermost essence of the teaching. There is also the myth of Asarian resurrection with the dynamism expressed in the form of a trinity of ASAR, ASET, HERU. The interplay of the three principles relate the path toward enlightenment.

The symbolism of the trinity represents the blueprint for the aspirant to understand the creation process as well as the path to follow to reach enlightenment. Creation process is manifestation of hidden essence encompassing all, unfolding in time and space as a trinity of consciousness. From one, the innermost essence is perceived through a triad of consciousness in time and space manifested with the illusory appearance of infinity of forms. That infinity of forms sustains perception of separation with emergence of individual Soul and related ego, assuming an existence separated from rest of creation. That perception being in contradiction with the underlying principle of existence which is one, is expressed in the form of forgetfulness about the true nature of creation. Hence the need to activate the process of remembering and consequently being aware of the underlying unity of all in time and space.

Therefore, the same principles that sustain creation and the underlying process of separation are the same that will help the aspirant to return to awareness of the unity resolving thus, the illusory perception of duality. In other words, through a reversal process within the triad of consciouness, the aspirant will transform consciousness from perception of oduality to perception of oneness in time and space. Furthermore, the fact that the same principles are activated for the enlightenment process in a reversal way informs in a different manner about the undelrying unity of all aspects of creation, about the only existence that is Neberdjer or just to say manifestation of the essence and the essence are one. The emergence of the trinity of consciousness sustains illusion in time and space and the dissolution of the trinity of consciousness in time and space leads to fusion with the hidden essence of all, Neberdjer. All in all, it is the same process, the only one reality expressing itself in a cycle of creation and dissolution.

Second point of reflection

It relates to the symbolism in general of the teaching. From the book, it is said the following : “Shetaut Neter is an extremely sophisticated philosophy and educational process to understand and realize the transcendental reality of life which is the basis of all existence”. That sophistication is expressed through the form of symbolism and the principle of invocation of Neterus, gods and goddesses that sustain Creation and that are consequently within us by transitiviy. All the philosophy of Shetaut Neter is teaching us about how to invoque the Neterus in a way to dissolve any illusory identification in time and space. The invocation in itself through the practice of the Shedy disciplines in an integral fashion will lead to dissolution of our illusory perception in time and space. In fact, when one affirms about his or her Asarian nature, it is not so much to tell the ego he is Asar but more to dissolve any prior illusory identification in time and space; in order words, to remove everything that sustained the ego self identification. That is why, sincerity in the process, patience and determination are essential to progress; the aspiration process becomes thus invocation to principles of dissolution in a way to no longer sustain perception of duality in time and space, removing thus the darkness that hides our true Nature to our consciousness….