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AvatarBastu Baket


One of the most striking visuals of this lesson was the meditation slides where we see Asar Anhai (a woman in this depiction but Asar the initiate is genderless) being led at first by Heru to meet Asar. So she is being led and guided by her own spiritual aspiration. Now she faces and defeats the character Set (egoism) freeing herself from Saiu Set (fetters). Then alone she enters into the Anrutf region, the place where nothing grows, all thoughts, desires have been left behind. She is now still at heart (Urd Hat) and then experiences herself as the Universal Asar symbolized by the Eye.

I found this very uplifting and profound! It recalled a memory of a conversation I had many years ago with a co-worker, a school counselor who had said, “Most important things in your life you do alone.” This statement resonated with me. Consider when you were a baby, it was you who took your very first step. Yes, your parents were there to assist you, just like Heru, but it was you who used your will, leg muscles and feet to stand and move forward. Perhaps when you went for your driver’s license, you may have taken lessons or a parent was with you while you drove, but it was you alone taking the test. You overcame your fear of the road, like overcoming Set. I’m sure you can think of many instances in your life where being alone has led you to a wonderful attainment. This meditation and it’s accompanying practices of understanding the wisdom, being righteous in your actions, overcoming fears, thoughts, desires etc., and using your will power has the capacity to lead you to the Ultimate attainment.

Dua Djehuty! Dua Sebai Maa. Dua Seba Dja
Shems Baket