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Lesson 2
1. Summarize the myth of Aset and Ra.
2. What are the main take away of the myth of the teachings of the myth and the audio lecture?

Everyone is born within a culture. Culture helps us to understand why we are here, and what the meaning of life is. Kemetic culture brought this understanding to its people in a magnificent way through epic myths that give deep insight in to the mysteries of life. One such story is the Creation Myth, that tells the story of creation, the plight of the soul, and it’s resurrection by intuitional wisdom who also birthed your aspiration to fully redeem the soul. But, where did intuitional wisdom come from, how did it develop. As, the mythological stories from Kemet are not only inspiring but are themselves scientific blueprints of sorts for a human being to discover the same truths that the characters in the myth discovered, studying and reflecting on the myth of wisdom’s own plight to dismantle creation, the Myth of Aset and Ra, is paramount.
Wisdom was sent to Earth as a human being by the creator to teach the people on Earth how to live. There are two mysteries, the lower mysteries and the higher mysteries. Aset, the embodiment of wisdom, learned all there was to know about the lower mysteries. She mastered knowledge the science, medicine, art, humanities, etc. Since everything in life is a coalescence of the same cosmic construct, she knew all there was to know. it all became disgusting as she became more and more dispassionate about all matter of life.
She turned to God. Wisdom began to actively practice the teachings learned in initiation and study the philosophy taught by the sages. As insights grew into the subtler aspect of life, her dispassion for the illusions around her grew. Her yearning to know the truth also grew. Wisdom gained insight into certain subtle patterns in creation like the path the creator takes as he traveled daily across time and space. Everyone had accepted Ra, symbolized by the sun, as the creator of all things. She knew this image was only a mask/a face for the true essence that Ra himself emerged from. She knew she could bring creation and the “creator” to its knees to reveal the truth behind the mask. Ra was the face of the very source of all and as he created, sustained and dissolve creation he tripped a liquid as he traveled. Wisdom saw power is this and collected it. It was used to slowly and methodically churn and moved her inner energies while she devotedly practiced powerful hekaus unceasingly.
Once her hekau became powerful enough, her Tafy Shepsy was ready and her knowledge of the mysteries for healing was developed enough, Aset was ready. She knew that the power of creation is weaker as it became old and the illusion of it began to dissolve. She set her trap and this very point to poison Ra. It not only force him to reveal his truth of who he is but the truth of her own self. This truth was not written down, nor told to her in any “form”,not even to the cosmic forces, the Gods and Goddesses. Ra opened himself up to her so that she may enter the deeper realms beyond his image to experience truth for herself. This is where wisdom of all things became Intuitional. This is how Intuitional wisdom obtained the power to resurrect the soul, to birth aspiration, to stop creation in its tracks to heal her son, to blow the north wind with her wings infusing life force, to calm the waters of the mind to and to be Queen of the Throne.

2. Takeaways from the myth
Everything in creation is an illusion.
There is a mystery to be discovered that is abiding.
A human being has the power to discover this mystery through dispassion, disillusioned for temporary things, relentless pursuit and focus.
Do not allow even the “creator” detour your quest, it also is only a mask, a concept, do not take no for an answer.
The Tafy Shepsy takes time to mature but strikes fast and accurately when it does, keep churning even if it seem like not much is happening.
The characters in the myth were few …wisdom (me) and the creator, nothing else matters.