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Bastu Baket

Temple of Asar
Lesson 2
Reading Assignment Pages 46-64

On Page 48 under the Religion and Yoga section the very first paragraph summed up the meaning of why I so appreciate the teachings of Shetaut Neter. “Egyptian Yoga – It is to reunite people with their true and original source.” Many people have also found this in other authentic religions but for me Shetaut Neter is the original source and therefore the purest form. While it has it’s different traditions which were practiced in different areas of Kemet i.e. Anunian, Memphite, Asarian, Goddess, Amun they all are related to the One Supreme Being and are complementary and you can have an affinity for any one of them but still reach the One Supreme Being.

We were also given the disciplines of Shedy that are to be practiced in an integral fashion so as to not develop our spiritual practice in an unbalanced way. Examples were given on what each of the studies or practices will work on in your spiritual journey.

Another important passage in this reading assignment was on page 52 – The Keys to Reading and Understand a Myth. Here we are given 3 keys to understand what a myth is in it’s truest sense and how we are apply the teachings given in a spiritual myth to our own lives, it is not just about “some ancient personality or story which occurred a long time ago” It is about YOU! Once we begin seeing, feeling, acting as the characters of the myth that is us we relate on a much higher level, not a story book mentality.

Sebai Maa then moves us through the Asarian Resurrection Myth with an abbreviated but yet comprehensive version so we may understand who the characters are and how they relate to us in our lifetime. A highlight for me about the myth was on page 62 Paragraph 3 – “Each line in the myth constitutes the litany of the mystical story os Osiris (Asar) Isis (Aset) and Heru which was told to the Ancient Egyptian (Kemetan) and Greek initiates who sought to discover a spiritual awakening or enlightenment. Therefore, they are to be considered as Hekau or Works of Power (known as mantras in India). They are special utterances, which when correctly understood and recited or chanted, impart wisdom, and have a transformative effect on the human mind because they contain information about the ultimate truth of the universe, and therefore, of each individual human being.”

Shems Baket