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Arit Neter S


What can be more different in time and space than the mind that differentiates one thing from another?

The Things that are being differentiated, but this is also an illusion. They are not separated beyond time and space.
>>>In time and Space, things that are actually unified, appear separated like the Colors in a Rainbow. In Reality, there is only Light, no distinct Colors, no vibration, no movement<<<<<


Is there any other Such Thing that differentiates? NO, because everything that exists exists in the mind first.There are only the things that are differentiated.

Mind itself is the differentiator.
If the Mind/Baby is thrown out, and the Bathwater/Individuality is also thrown out, all that remains is the Thrower and the Basin that contained the Water and the baby: The Brain? The BREATH is really all that remains.

Question every conclusion, concept and objects used to reach any conclusion.
If this questioning were done, the firm foundation from which to determine what is absolveute truth or falsehood would be Divine Intuitional Wisdom.
>>>>>SAA Feeling and Knowing. GNOSIS KNOW ISIS.
Aset, the Heart Revealed. The Answer comes through Meditation
Anpu: Discernment, to know real from unreal

No True Conclusion can be arrived at by using deluded notions to think through to an answer.
>>>>>Cannot use t&s coordinates or GPS to navigate and arrive at True Conclusion, will only arrive at another delusion<<<<<

When a person says, “I know how the world works” or “I know who I am and what I want” or “I know what I like and what I don’t like” —- these are all judgements based in t&s. these are all delusions, leading to confusion and a false conclusion.

Allowing all roads (Maat, Worldliness) to coalesce into the nature of intuitional truth requires faith or adoption of the Teaching until there is full capacity to live the Teaching without taint from personal egoistic desires or deluded opinions, at which time there is no more need for adoption on Faith.

This requires feeding the Ka What Endures, MAAT, instead of what supports the illusions of time and space.
“Hasten the Discovery of Untold Oneness in the Abode of Wisdom” ASET RECH.

>>>>>I realize that my Summaries are really Cliff Notes of the lectures, that one day will magically appear as a song. Apologies and also Dua. Hotep.<<<<

Reflection=dispassion; cleansing unconscious mind is allowing the release of negative ariyu and gets into ari sekhem, taffy shepsy
Doing this work is building Serpent Power.

KHAK AB = Create by cleansing Ab of negative ariyu; that allows the energy that is locked up to be released. The energy goes into Serpent Power.

KA SET N AB-SET: reflect deep within your heart

Shemayet; when you have the song or sound of something
>>>>> I read this is the title of a Chantress, Singing Priestess. This is the Path that I am on.<<<<<<

Neter Ren Shepsy: Sacred Exalted (NAME?)

How can we cancel the illusion?
Cancel Illusion, then you will have it made in the shade.

Djed n-a ren-a k

Request to Ra:
Tell me your Divine Name (“Say Your Name, Say Your Name”….like Beyonce melody)
After that,
Tell me how to Do My Divine Work! How to be paid or compensated for work that is not popular with the masses, the Rekhit? It is imperative to be financially compensated for touring the world with music and sound healing. This path to Nehast is paved on Earth with Divine Music and Sound Healing, Cultural Music, and Wellness Festivals, Special Events and Activities. But where is the funding to come from?

In Order to continue living in Music and Wellness You Must Tell me how. Tell me how to get money so that I can make Change. Tell me how to see past the Illusion of the illusion of MONEY. This is my request and my demand.

Stop speaking in the duality
Stop speaking in terms of Individuality
Imagine: I am a Genie
Individuality: Divide Into Two; Duality

Throw out Baby with the Bathwater
Psycho Spiritual Act
Your Mind Never Mind and Matter Doesn’t Matter

Awake in the Dream
The Illusion is Part of the Illusion. Which causes much confusion.
So why continue if it is an illusion? Because thinking that any of this is really up to us is a delusion.

Dua N Hotep