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Arit Neter S

Analysis (summary and >>>>>>>Impressions<<<<<< from Videos April-August 2017 section 2

Feed the Ka what endures: Maat,
instead of what supports the illusion of time and space.
handling practical worldly situations
mysteries of the Temple are dedicated to being able to weave (Net) the connection between apparently separate concept we hold and the actuality of divine entity which is in us and which is actually everywhere.

In order to gain insight into the teaching and have it become effective in life, it is necessary to go beyond the conclusions (as in Second Saturn Return) arrived at through mind and INDIVIDUALITY.
Regardless of whatever extent those ideations may have helped in coping to a certain point of Life.

Clear the mind of any delusions (world of time and space, human existence, gods and goddesses, sages, etc) of anythingng good or bad about the world to realize that even the good is only good from the perspective of being in time and space.

>>>>>>>time and space “coordinates” only work in time and space! Stop projecting t&s values onto the Eternal! Onto the Divine! No earth based judgements or preferences in heavenly realm. no Cosmic Forces, not even Maat exists there. They only apply in realm of t&s.

What works?

>>>>>North-North West is actually the Way to Go. Maybe Kanye West is not so crazy to name his daughter North West….. North: Imperishable Stars West: Eternity

So now we have “Made in the Shade” and “the Way to Go”. Have not written a song about the Way to Go yet. Wonder What is next?????

BTW, this is the Image that I would like to place (minus the brand logo of course) on altar to represent the Union of Opposites, with Cassiopeia representing Femaleness, and Big Dipper Maleness, North Star as the Oneness. Also representing Sema, with Casseiopia representing Aset, Big Dipper NebetHet (My interpretation: the Dipper is another version of her headdress, something for containing water, or Milk in this case.) and Asar as the North Star. After the chat session, I was thinking of placing this image or one similar, on top of a homemade travel size Hotep Slab.


>>>Like the Wizard of Oz<<<<<<<

Having faith in illusions undermines and thwarts the faith in the Teachings.

>>>Leads to delusion and confusion
So then, I am doubting Aset, doubting Her Wisdom, doubting Spiritual Preceptors, and doubting My Self when I have Faith in the Illusion<<<<<<<<<

Aspirants: KHAK AB Let go of the World
Discover/Realize Personality, personalization, individuality (divide in two duality), history (His Story instead of Our Story), perspectives, culture, opinion, politics, habits, customs, preferences, government, etc all are merely an effect of positions, situations, and moments in time and space. >>>coordinates of time and space<<<<<
a realm of existence that is an illusion but is experienced as if it were a reality.

illusory things are neither to be desired or repudiated, but only observed.
the observer os to become quiet, an nemu nemu, 
and become Seated >>>THRONE OF ASET<<< 
in undifferentiated and contented existence in the name of Ra,
>>>> Would this be NEFER REN RA? Beautiful Existence in/with the Name of Ra<<<<