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Arit Neter S

Udja. This is an extra long post, in sections, as I forgot to mark where one video report ends and one begins. Analysis (summary/impressions) from April-August Videos section 1. Aplogites in advance for duplications)

April 2017 Discussion Video

Soul is Spirit
Soul is Blue Sky, Ego is the Patches of Clouds
Remove Ego, Soul is everlasting, just cannot see it
Revealed by Purification of the Heart

Soul is Spirit
Soul is individuated aspect of Spirit

Neberdjer is all encompassing Spirit

Conscious gross opaque

unconscious more dense
subconscious more subtle

manifestations of expressions and storage of ariyu

>>>>>madjed sounds like majestic<<<<<

fighting against the forces that are enemies of wisdom, Maat, order, righteousness and truth

The World is an expression of the Divine, that is mixed with Setian Egoism
Task of the Aspirant is to madjed or insist based on Maat and Heruian Behudetian
rebellious, aggressive, combative, challenging, accept humiliation
Behudet: Spiritual Combatant impetus towards that which is Setian (The World, Illusion)
Some intermittent failure or losses, that are to be accepted, but eventually, Maat upheld; victory of the Soul

Khak Ab_ rebellious energy against the world, illusion/time & space;

cannot view at 0:51:46…..

Behudet: Spiritual Combattant
As Heru experienced some losses that are to be accepted then the Higher Self or Divine, joins the fight and leads aspirant to ultimate victory. Behudet Neteraah Heru Behudet becomes Winged Sundisk

Nuk A I Am the Divinity
I have the power to remove hte poison of negative thought.
Devotion is not always doing a ritual.
Devotion: so one can dedicate actions to the Divine.

Psychic Creation
Set is Ego, the one you need to have Battles with, psychic, astral
Set is a projection of negative ariyu the astral aspect

Heru: Astral Birth to defeat Set in the Astral Plane

>>>>>Must go beyond the conclusions arrived at through Mind& individuality, regardless of how much they have helped in coping to a certain point of life.<<<<<

her perspective of life: throw the baby out with the bathwater (Baby: in this case, the world of time and space)

clear mind of delusions

all objects in time and space are really Ra manifesting.
Faith in illusions undermines faith in the Teachings
Let go KHAK AB of illusion
Let go of Individuality Complex. Individuality has Duality in it.

Become quiet: an nemu nemu