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Arit Neter S

Here is a summery/ >>>>>are some comments and impressions<<<<< from video(s) in March 2017. Post # 7612

March 26 video
Set is a project of Ignorant Ariyu; distant, shadow; lurks in delusion; darkness of ignorance of the heart
This is Not an actual existence, it is The Aroma of collective negative airyu:
>>>ie, “Trump is the fragrance of the collective negative airyu of AmeriKKKa”
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>>>>The Heart is where the Aryiu is stored.The poison contained is what blocks the Spirit, making it opaque. “Come, Rid the Poison from my heart”

>>>Without Aset, Divine Intuition, You’re Living an Illusion; Your Life is a Delusion

How can we cancel the Illusion? Khak Ab, Antet Begag, An Chen: The Will and Desire to End the Illusion

From Lesson 10: Ra (Creation) is an ASTRAL Projection of God

When one removes the poison stored in ones heart, the veil of opacity is lifted and the spiritual aspirant can proclaim Nuk A
>>>>Nehast, and the Taffy Shepsy has served its purpose.

Must develop a firm, binding trust in the Divine

Ra is Illusory representation of God
Set is illusory projection of Negative Ariyu

Ra was unseated from his Throne on the Boat.
If thoughts. things etc are all illusory, then what is real?

Aset: Higher Consciousness
Ra: Ego Consciousness

>>>>My request:
Tell Me My Divine Work. Show ne the way to be successful and support myself, as both a worldly and royal personality, in this lifetime, at same time.
Tell Me How to Sustain A Divine Life on Earth, with music and sound healing, wellness events, products and coaching.
How Can A Lady Support Her Existence and maintain Life of Singing Priestess in a Temple? Should I continue to Pursue Music and Sound Healing? Wellness Products and Coaching? I want to know how, I insist. Even knowing full well that the world may end in 5 years or less, this is all that I want to know in this moment. This is the life I want o lead in eternity, if there even is such a thing as music and healing in reality. Will continue to pursue Shedy and Nehast in every moment. With dual consciousness, one should be able to create an existence based on spiritual path and gifts.

ANTET BEGAG: Relentless Pursuit

AN CHEN: Unending

SEFU: Patience/Endurance, even while Suffering

MADJED: Insisting with confidence (with faith in, to put trust in) and patience pressing on and not backing down. with conviction of the path; perseverance (standing up and staying stood up regardless)

(Then you have it)
“Made in the Shade” name of the song for Lesson 1
“It’s only a matter of time before reaching the Goal of Life.” will be added to next version of the song.

Ruff vocals, songwriter’s version. will be a Afro-Cubano rhythm, with lots of piano Montunos.
part 1

LYRICS to part 1


part 2

Lyrics part 2
Let It Go, Letting Go, Let It Go KHAK AB
Letting Go, Let It Go, Letting Go KHAK AB

Djed Pillars, 2 AHA (?) Symbols, Sistrum

Mythic Character
Cosmic Principle (Principle of Intuition because it is connected to Spirit)
Transcendental Awareness

Metaphoric Sense: Soul does not do anything, Things are done to the Soul.

Living in Peace, not in Pieces/Pisces/Duality

SOUL is a Ray of Spirit; Soul IS Spirit, yet Spirit is NOT Soul
Top of the Ocean IS the Ocean, not isolated; oneness