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Sebai Maa… I very much appreciate your comments to my last post which I found to be most encouraging, affirming and comforting being sensitive to the challenges an aspirant confronts in their journey towards self-realization realizing that each individual’s journey is unique and based on their Aryu and that where they are in their journey is where they should be. I also agree that a major challenge many of us confront is liberating ourselves from the template that the society presents to us as the ideal way to live our lives, a template which commits us to a life that centers around pursuing worldly aspirations while neglecting and thwarting our journey towards self realization. The question of how we break away from the conventional paradigms by which we live our lives embrace one’s that affirms and promotes our authentic existence and desire for enlightenment is a question we each must ask ourselves with increasing urgency in doing so given the times in which we live (the culmination of human existence as we know it)

Edward Stephenson