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Temple of Aset at night


Firstly I would like to say that your posting denotes a mature capacity to approach the teachings which bodes well for your future practice. ABOUT YOUR STATEMENT:

“. Shedy was also said to be a form of resurrection where we go from a state of being spiritually dead to being spiritually alive.”

This may be considered as a defining fundamental axiom of the teachings and to be treated accordingly.


“The point was also made that as one moves from one level of truth to a higher level, we need to let go of the truth at the previous level”

It cannot be overemphasized that this principle concept for a spiritual aspirant is key to moving forward and not falling into the abyss of orthodoxy and spiritual stagnation in the spiritual practice. For, even the spiritual teaching, no matter how perfectly it may be presented, is indeed only a partial reflection of the absolute and therefore falls short of the absolute that, nevertheless, it leads to. Therefore, truths should be followed as far as they lead and then let go until the ultimate is arrived at.


“—-CONTINUOUS SPIRITUAL PRACTICE—Spiritual practice should be steady and balanced. Living a life of virtue creates this stability and balance.”

This feature is highlighted in the Temple of Aset teachings course where it is stated that an aspirant should cultivate “antet begag” or relentlessness in the practice of pursuing Asar (i.e. the absolute). And that pursuit is to be done with “an chen” or continuously [without stopping]. Nevertheless these are principles and in spirit this level of practice can be reached where the practice goes on during waking time and sleep, though in getting there human beings need to also act in harmony with nature and get sufficient rest, allowing the mind to have recreation and down time until greater mental strength and capacity are developed – which squares with your comments about FLEXIBILITY.


“In applying this to myself I would begin by saying that I am slowly learning to discern and know the meaning of TRUTH particularly on a metaphysical level. I have always thought of truth as living “authentically” or in alignment with one’s true, spiritually grounded self. When one is living truthfully, one is being moved by the spiritual or higher dimensions of self, doing so in relation to a particular set of spiritual values known as the laws of Maat. Truth on the physical plane is relative and so I recognize the need to discriminate between earthly and heavenly truth. I also recognize based on the recording that to recognize truth we must be pure in mind and heart. Because of our dual nature (High and Low self) we never fully realize the truth. We are always to some degree hypocrites thinking that what we do and think is always grounded in truth. It is only when we are at one with the divine that truth becomes absolute.”


Indeed, humans who are not enlightened are hypocrites but we are advised to consider that even sages were once ordinary humans and they were also hypocrites at one point. Therefore, we should have compassion for others even after attaining enlightenment and through that understanding lead ourselves to self-forgiveness and understanding of others and then the capacity to “uha” or let go of the ego delusions, recriminations and misconceptions about ourselves, others and the nature of the divine. Very good. –hence again – humility.



“In relation to CONTINUOUS SPIRITUAL PRACTICE, I realize I have work to do in this area and I am aware that even though I may think that my justification for my practice not being as consistent as I wish, I realize that there are reasons that go deeper and are spiritually based. There are times, particularly most recently, when our practice is disrupted for us to learn lessons without which our practice cannot advance.
I am most consistent in my practice of Tjef Neteru Sema Paut having recently been certified. I am less consistent in learning the philosophy, devotion, and I have been experiencing some challenges with my meditation all of which I am working on and hope to improve on.”


As introduced earlier, Antet begag with an chen – so the key is continuous effort no matter how many times there may seem to be failures. The failures come from Set-the ego and the struggle against Set is to be done by cultivating our Heru nature – bolstered by the teaching (of Aset) and through engaging the struggle day by day (battle with Set is shedy process). This is the underlying wisdom of the Asarian Resurrection myth and the outcome is to become fully realized Heru and restoring Asar (our soul) to its rightful place as master of life and awakened nature of our universal soul.


“In relation to SELFLESS SERVICE, I consider the work I do as a teacher in the temporal world as to certain extent selfless his being reflected in the commitment I have towards enhancing the lives of my students. My role in caring for my family is also to some degree motivated by the higher self and thus selfless. The fact that I am doing so rather than moving to Argentina makes me question my level of truthfulness in terms of which way is more spiritually grounded.”


Indeed, most people struggle with the practices and in particular the meditation especially in the beginning when the mind is unruly even for those who are well meaning; a result of lifetimes of agitated living. Consider that you are following a path of life based on and impelled by the aryu you have collected over millennia. This informs your current ideals and truth convictions and actions of today. To change that process means educating and thereby transforming the repository of aryu, the unconscious mind (AB). Then when that level of mind is clear it can act on and follow the truths it may recognize but not until then, for the aryu (egoism) impels and compels the personality based on the current level of recognition of the truths it can discern and have sufficient clarity and will power about –to be able to follow. Therefore, all souls are where and how they need to be for the specific time and space locale and engaged in activities they are qualified and able to have insights, faith in and will power to follow and as increasing purity of heart (mind) and increasing will occurs by following and understanding greater levels of truth and purity in terms of dispassion and detachment increases (Khak-ab) then the personality can experience greater and greater freedom to follow and act by whatever level of truth it is able to perceive. So no regrets, just keep moving forward with the practices and allow increasing understanding, will, and capacity to increase, with effort but without undue strain, thus gradually building to higher points of dynamism and wisdom as directed by your higher Self.

Very good post