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Ptah Maut Ankh

Shems Ptah Maut Ankh
December 30, 2017
Kemet 101 Lesson 1

Video 1 (London 2015)

Main Themes that stood out:
Serpent Power is only for the initiated. One must be healthy physically, emotionally, and be mentally purified before seeking the awakening of the Serpent. Otherwise, it could cause an imbalance and have a catastrophic impact on the person.

Our soul mate is really Asar or Aset depending on the individual. If one eats a sweet and then eats another sweet. The first sweet will overpower the second and will not taste as sweet. This is the same in regards to becoming / connected with Asar/Aset. The sweetness of the communion with our divine self will cause everything else to lose that pull and desire.

True virtue and interest in life should be on the study and reflections of the teachings. Virtues are a step on the way, not the goal in life. Enlightenment is the Goal! Doing good deeds should not be the source of happiness. Happiness is only found within, connecting, and becoming Asar/Aset.

Video 2: Intro to Ancient African Civilization

“Our people originated at the base of the mountain of the moon, at the origin of the Nile.” AEP

The three most important functions of a society are:
1. Civilization
2. Religion
3. Philosophy

The Nilotic people are indigenous to the Nile Valley, which includes South Sudan, Uganda, Kenya, and Northern Tanzania. Humans all are genetically linked to one female and one male human being. Regardless if one is European, Chinese, Aborigines, American Indian all can trace their origination from Africa. We can mate with any human and create a baby. This proves that we are one species one race. Therefore, Race is an illusion and created by one culture to control another culture. Perennial philosophy is an underlying myth in all cultures. Culture is a manufactured reality. When a soul/spirit incarnates on earth it takes a human body in a family. The family is part of a culture, which is not real but a manufactured reality. This culture is located with other families in a geographical area, which is in a country. This defines how one relates to other people, along with their customs, and beliefs. Genetics, geology, anthropology, and archeology also define the culture. When one transcends culture then you know thyself. All humans then are brothers and sisters. In Kemet “sa” means male and “sat” means female, and “sen” means brother and “sent” means sister.
A side note regarding this: There is a family in my neighborhood who is from Ethiopia. When I first met them, I was very confused with the size of their family consisting of a single mother and one daughter and one son. After Ramadan was over, they invited me for a communal meal. They introduced me to everyone saying this is my brother so and so and this is my sister so and so. I asked the daughter I thought you only had your brother living with you, how can all these people be your brothers and sisters. She replied that in Ethiopia all friends are brothers, sisters, and considered relatives, even if there is no bloodline between them.

The Sphinx is the most ancient monument in the world and built in 10,500 BCE. Horemakhet the name means Heru in the Horizon. There was sufficient rain to cause striations in the stone after it was built. The stones used to build it weigh from 2 to 50 tons each. It faces East and when it was built the constellation Leo was in front of it. Every Pharaoh from 10,500 BCE to 30 BCE wore the Horemakhet Headdress. Due to extreme ignorance Europeans and Mamelukes defaced, and tried to destroy it looking for treasures. The British removed the Serpent head that was located on the forehead, which now resides in a museum in London.

What is a civilization? It is an expression of a high culture, religion, and philosophy. It is beneficial, it is righteous and one that cares for humanity. Christians, Hindus, Hebrews, Greeks, and others borrowed from Ancient Kemet. A quote by Cheikh Anta Diop sums up how influential Kemet was.
“The history of Black Africa will remain suspended in air and cannot be written correctly until African historians dare to connect it with the history of Egypt.”