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Bastu Akhu

Reply to Shems Baket Post 7478 & 7542 and Sebai Maa Response Post 7504

Dua Shems Baket for your insight on the frequency of the concept of ‘pert’ throughout lesson 10. Dua Sebai Maa for expounding on the meaning of the term based on the context it was used, literally or metaphorically. I especially found the following beneficial to my understanding of Nehast and the means to attain it.
“…In verse 103/104 we go back to the metaphoric form for there is no words in which the name of Ra can come forth. Therefore it must be experienced as the light that illumines the room and the switch is the shedy discipline.”
I related this to the use of the word ‘nehast’ to explain an experience of the ‘light’ of self knowledge and indeed the shedy disciplines the means to expel the darkness of ignorance.


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