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This assignment relates to Lesson 1, WK #7 Audio Recording—-Lesson Theme–What is required for A Successful Spiritual Practice.

The main teachings brought out by the audio recording were the following:

1) Spiritual practice within the Neterian tradition was said to be referred to as “Shedy” the purpose of which was to gain insight into the self by penetrating the mysteries. Shedy was also said to be a form of resurrection where we go from a state of being spiritually dead to being spiritually alive. By practicing Shedy we then experience Nehast and become spiritually awakened; this is what Shedy is all about.

2) the second main theme in recording was the various ingredients that composed a spiritual life. These ingredients are as follows:

Cultivating virtue and manifesting them in our everyday lives. Virtues include:
——-TRUTHFULNESS –which includes knowing that nothing we perceive in time and space is enduring; We must go beyond faith and concepts in our search for truth.
The point was made that each virtue has a corresponding Vice which serves to CLOUD the intellect and prevent one from seeking the truth. The point was also made that as one moves from one level of truth to a higher level, we need to let go of the truth at the previous level
—-HUMILITY—One has to be humble in order to be opened to the truth. “One should be as humble asa blade of grass”.
—-CONTINUOUS SPIRITUAL PRACTICE—Spiritual practice should be steady and balanced. Living a life of virtue creates this stability and balance.
—FLEXIBILITY—being flexible in how one carries out one’s spiritual practice, which I interpret as pushing ourselves but being reflective and understanding when the practice is not going as we would like, realizing that there is much we can learn at those moments including how we can overcome and prevent them so our practice goes successfully.

—SPIRITUALIZE our lives so that these virtues are reflected in all aspects of our lives.
—-SEEING SELF AS A CONDUIT FOR THE DIVINE—-So that all that we do is motivated by the will of the higher self realizing how our actions are manifestations of a transcendental will. For the self to be a conduit for the divine we must first relinquish the EGO which is shat directs the lower self and thus responsible for our suffering. This is best done through selfless service which creates positive ARI.
——-PURITY==becomes important in understanding the teachings and for perceiving the truth.

Are you implementing the teachings given in the lecture? If so which ones?

If not, how will you implement the teachings you are not currently doing?

One of the main teachings that was given was that a major ingredient of a successful spiritual practice was living a life of virtues. In applying this to myself I would begin by saying that I am slowly learning to discern and know the meaning of TRUTH particularly on a metaphysical level. I have always thought of truth as living “authentically” or in alignment with one’s true, spiritually grounded self. When one is living truthfully, one is being moved by the spiritual or higher dimensions of self, doing so in relation to a particular set of spiritual values known as the laws of Maat. Truth on the physical plane is relative and so I recognize the need to discriminate between earthly and heavenly truth. I also recognize based on the recording that to recognize truth we must be pure in mind and heart. Because of our dual nature (High and Low self) we never fully realize the truth. We are always to some degree hypocrites thinking that what we do and think is always grounded in truth. It is only when we are at one with the divine that truth becomes absolute.
I recognize based on my past actions that I have been able to let go of particular truths while embracing others the result of which has advanced my spiritual growth and practice.

In relation to PURITY, I strive through my practice to purify my mind, heart and actions but I realize that the extent to which I fall short is due to my own ignorance and Ari. I know that I have progressed in this area based on certain changes that I have experienced in my life in terms of my relationship to people and to the teachings. I however realize that I have some way to go. I can see how my level of spiritual advancement is based on the level of my purification. I am increasingly being able to recognize the mental residues of impurities that conditions my thoughts and sometimes my behavior.
In relation to HUMILITY, I think I have come along way and very aware of those instances when pride replaces humility. I very much recognize the value of being humble realizing and being aware of one’s own imperfections, limitations; this awareness of the need to be humble is also assisted by the realization of the illusionary nature of the temporal world and ones place within it. Humility also comes from realizing our imperfections in relation to that which is perfect.
In relation to CONTINUOUS SPIRITUAL PRACTICE, I realize I have work to do in this area and I am aware that even though I may think that my justification for my practice not being as consistent as I wish, I realize that there are reasons that go deeper and are spiritually based. There are times, particularly most recently, when our practice is disrupted for us to learn lessons without which our practice cannot advance.
I am most consistent in my practice of Tjef Neteru Sema Paut having recently been certified. I am less consistent in learning the philosophy, devotion, and I have been experiencing some challenges with my meditation all of which I am working on and hope to improve on.
I try my best to bring these virtues into my everyday life realizing that to do so creates positive Ari and relieves one’s suffering. I am also trying my best to realize that I am a conduit for the divine and so one must be critical of one’s thoughts and actions discerning whether they arise from the lower or higher self.
In relation to SELFLESS SERVICE, I consider the work I do as a teacher in the temporal world as to certain extent selfless his being reflected in the commitment I have towards enhancing the lives of my students. My role in caring for my family is also to some degree motivated by the higher self and thus selfless. The fact that I am doing so rather than moving to Argentina makes me question my level of truthfulness in terms of which way is more spiritually grounded.

Look for at least one other student’s posting of this lesson and feedback received. State what you thought was remarkable and what impressed you the most

Responding to Dumaz Alexis Post Nevember 28, 2016 2:49 PM

There are many points brought forward by Mr. Alexis that I found remarkable including his beginning statement that the evolution of the mind brought with it the possibility of self awareness leading to the
notion of the self being separate from the world. It is interesting that within the context of western psychology such a development is considered normal and desirable being a natural part of our development. Thus while in the Neterian perspective the the process of individuation and identification with our physical nature is seen as a form of degradation leading to ignorance and delusion, from a western perspective such a conceptualization is seen as that which leads us to what is real. The spirit, on the other hand—that which is most real and enduring, is seen by western psychology as being either nonexistent or irrelevant.

Sabai Maa’s response emphasized the importance of Maat being an integral part of our journey and that to become one with the divine we must become in harmony with Maat ultimately becoming Maat.

This I thought emphasized the importance of the authenticity of one’s spiritual life being grounded in Maat for us to have a successful spiritual practice leading to enlightenment.