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Bastu Baket

Udja Dua Shems Akhu (post #8214) and Sebai Maa’s reply (post #8251)for both posts brought a reminder of how we are to view “truth.” In reading both posts I was hearing in my mind our daily prayer we say each morning:
Excerpts of Chapter 33 of the Pert M Heru From Contemporary Papyri
1. I have lived by righteousness and truth while on earth. I live in righteousness and truth; I feed upon right and truth in my heart. I have done what is required to live in harmony in society and the gods and goddesses are also satisfied that I have worshipped rightly.
2. I have done God’s will. I have given bread to the hungry, water to the thirsty, clothes to the clotheless and a boat to those who were shipwrecked. I made the prescribed offerings to the gods and goddesses and I also made offerings in the temple to the glorious spirits.
3. Therefore, protect me when I go to face The God.

May we continue living in and by truth. Dua Maat!
Shems Baket