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Asar embraced by Aset and Nebthet

Aset and Nebethet turn towards Asar

The books you want to consult are Egyptian Mysteries Vol 2 and Kemetic Tree of Life

“she has labeled an aspect of NebtHet as Mortality. I have never thought of her as this cosmic force before. I had the understanding that she represented the spiritual in the physical, which I suppose in a way is Mortality. Where can I find more information on this aspect of NebtHet? Up until now, I thought of her as the Lady of the House.”

Indeed, Nebet”het” is the lady of the “house” –that is the Creation, like “Het”-Heru is the lady of the house of Creation that houses Heru (realized Royal Personality). She is the lady of physicality but with understanding that her desire is for spirit- therefore she represents purified physicality and mortality that seeks the immortal Self (Asar). So she indeed does represent the spiritual conscience within the physical realm as opposed to those in the physical realm who seek after physical things to fulfill themselves with, an obvious impossibility. As such she also presides over the energies and desires for mortal existence and the vestment (body) which the soul inhabits in the physical realm.
Therefore, worshiping goddess Nebethet is the practice of the goddess aspect of divine love, reverence, devotion to Spirit and turning away from what is mortal, limited, physical, etc. THIS is dying to the world and seeking the rebirth in Spirit.