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About your statement:
“I gathered that the term “Ka-n-mut f” is saying that nothing in creation is void of “Ra” stuff and this one word or term alone is letting me know that ALL of creation is indeed an illusion, including my ego identity, body, mind and senses.”

The term: ““Ka-n-mut f”” is a highly mystical philosophical way of saying that, indeed, our own spirit has engendered our own existence and not only that but everything that follows from that, all the relations, acquaintances, activities, achievements, place of birth, family born into, country, world, universe, etc. So there is no one to look to for absolution and salvation; thus Aset works out her own enlightenment.
And of course to say that we have engendered our own existence in time and space really means Ra has been the engenderer of Creation and everything in it and thus Ra is here and not us!
Indeed, an extension of “Ka-n-mut f” means the perception instruments (senses) are engendered by the same Spirit, what the senses perceive, likewise, and the interaction capacity between senses and objects and other living beings likewise; therefore there are no interactions, no relations, no seers and nothing being seen that is not Ra and since there is only one seer, one thing being seen and the interaction mode, the senses are also composed of Ra, there is nothing happening and nothing to see…
Therefore as they say, “move along, nothing to see here!” —–bypass the delusions of life and go straight -not to the jail of monopolistic human existence based on ego but bypass the senses and see with the inner heart that is all peace and all Akhu. Mythically speaking, this is setting aside the world, its people and objects and, as Aset did, pursuing Ra relentlessly and nothing else.

“Strive to see with the inner eye, the heart. It sees the reality not subject to emotional or personal error; it sees the essence. Intuition then is the most important quality to develop.”

This is all part of the discipline of wisdom reflection and meditation. Indeed realizing that we are no-“thing” of time and space thus we are “something” else, which cannot be defined, circumscribed or quantified. This continued reflective practice eventually allows centeredness in self and witnessing the activities of mind and interactions of senses while not identifying with those as realities either belonging to oneself or as worthy realities that are abiding and therefore deserving of attention. This is the way of the philosopher and the supreme wisdom of our beloved goddess. (of course this is said in complete awareness that there is no goddess, no love, no wisdom philosophy and only transcendental spirit) [for the purpose of communication and directing the personality to one-pointed and transcendental essence, emotion, devotion, wisdom and exalted awe and admiration are used even by sages to channel the personality, the Royal Personality, mentally and also through offering, towards the singularity of the divine representation in the highest floor-point and lowest ceiling-point of the Temple (Creation).] {for those who may be reading these references – if you did not understand them ask any aspirant who participated in the initiatic trip to Kemet and or tale the Initiation into the Temple of Asar course }

Therefore, all the relative (variable and fleeting and therefore worthless) realities of time and space are only valuable, worthwhile, to the extent they are recognized as temporary but glorious manifestations of Spirit. In that perspective any joy, awe, glory, ecstacy, etc. that may be experienced is justified, encouraged for all nature, as Nebethet, nature and mortality desires immortal soul above all else. If an aspirant discovers they are the Nebethet, they pursue Asar and engender Anpu and Anpu opens the way of Asar even as his brother within us, our redemptive aspiration (Heru), vanquishes egoism. Therefore, to vanquish egoism and find the path to enlightenment: realize the nature of mortality and physicality (Nebethet) Pursue Spirit, even while done ignorantly, since that allows one to cultivate Anpu quality of mind and then Heru quality of mind; then pursue relentlessly until Aset mind (intuition) dawns—and the rest is automatic.