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Dua-thank you for your posting and patience as we get back to working on the reviews and feedbacks.

There is one clarification needed in reference to one statement of your post:

“These three when mixed together symbolizes nehast.”

Technically, your statement is correct but philosophically it is inaccurate.

Specifically, what leads to Nehast is not the mixture of itself, but the fact that the ego and ignorance are not left alone, not existing in isolation promoting recurring delusions and pursuing fleeting and unsatisfying desires that maintain ignorance and more pursuit of futile desires perpetually, but that “the souls of Ra” in other words, spirit essence, is being added to the “mix”. The essence of spirit is derived from the study, devotion to and practice of meditation on the Divine. That essence transforms, “sublimates” egoism and worldly desires and ignorances about human existence and the nature of Creation. In this way the lower nature of a human being is infused with wisdom of the higher, allowing the personality (egoism/ignorance) to become purified. That purification, i.e. understanding the ego is illusory, thereby dispelling the ignorance of the knowledge of self, that process renders the personality free from the deviation of enlightenment-nehast.

Therefore, the ritual of the sedjert is a ceremony representing the process whereby a human being accepts, understand and becomes one with the innate essence of transcendental spirit.

One more tidbit:

The main souls of Ra are 7 called “sefech ba Ra.”

These are the 7 psycho-spiritual consciousness centers of the Serpent Power wisdom. Therefore intoxication with the souls of Ra means a practice of cleansing and cultivating the energies of the seven centers and thereby purifying the nature of human existence which is characterized by duality and rendering it non-dual by removing obstructions in the centers that prevent clarity and experience of oneness with Spirit.


Maat Chakras Qenna Papyrus copy

Qenna Papyrus and the Seven Souls of Ra