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I would like to start a discussion here about fasting whether it be dry, water only or juice fasting. Does any of the aspirants have experience with this? If so, which spiritual benefits are you gaining? I find it to be extremely powerful and I’m experiencing a lot as of late. I would love to know if anyone is as well.

The first experience occurred the morning after I completed a fast of four days. I broke the fast normally with fruit juice and then celery juice that evening. The next morning around dawn I woke up but I was still asleep. It was like a state in between sleep and awake. So as I was laying down I could only see darkness but suddenly two moving white triangles appeared forming a star. A few seconds later my ears rang very loudly followed by my entire body vibrating. This all lasted about ten or so seconds and then ceased. I awoke a bit later and wrote it all down in my daily journal.

Please feel free to weigh in if you have any thoughts on this. Dua and Hetep.