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-A majority of the world religions get their teachings from some relation dealing w/ Shetaut Neter
-We are a Kemetian African Religion
-The Kaballa is from “pagan” religion
-The cross from Christianity is based off the Ankh
-There are 10K years of religious practice before western religions developed
-Wester religions based their religion off Shetaut Neter but NOT practicing the same teachings
-Khepri created the universe, all the beings, Gods & Goddesses
-Khepri told the teachings to Tehuti
-Asar taught the people to worship, Aset taught them the philosophy
-Heru is the epitome of the soul joined w/ wisdom
-When you reach this you become the ruler of Kmt
-Neter (the Supreme Divinity) = the origin of all creation
-understand divinity thru cosmic power, all energy is cosmic power that comes from the self
-There need to be 3 stages of religion: Myth, Ritual, Mysticism
-The philosophy of complimentary opposites plays an important role in SN
-Heru is the uniter of the 2 lands (the higher & lower self)
-The eyes of Ra/Heru represent the sun & moon
-Shemsu practice 3 worships daily
-The Great Awakening: the goal of all the practices – Nehast means “to wake up”
-Asana – seated position of meditation (200 BCE)
-Lotus comes up and turns toward the sun (smelling lotus, sitting on the lotus = you turn towards the light)
-Power is when you are in control of the lower and higher self
-Do not allow Ari to accumulate in your heart and drag you down
-Hathaway Yoga – Forceful Yoga – Designed to push/force
-Physical practice of Yoga was rejected by the practitioners at the time
-The physical practice of Yoga is to help you emulate the Gods & Goddesses

1. You mentioned that the goal of the practice is to help you reach Nehast, but what then? Do you continue to seek more? The have to be many levels of Nehast that one may find or begin to explore here. What then?

2. I have been keeping up with meditation and I stopped for a couple weeks. I got back into it but during the day I find myself becoming agitated easily. It is like there is something reaching out to me or I am searching for purpose and cannot quite see it. Do you have any tips for helping to find out why/how to get past this hurdle? How can I find what I seem to be searching for?