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Arit Neter S

Udja. In Shems Olapeju’s posts #7658, she has labeled an aspect of NebtHet as Mortality. I have never thought of her as this cosmic force before. I had the understanding that she represented the spiritual in the physical, which I suppose in a way is Mortality. Where can I find more information on this aspect of NebtHet? Up until now, I thought of her as the Lady of the House.

Shems Olapeju, I truly enjoyed and appreciated your summary of the Myth. Everything was presented with clarity, order and consistency.

“Death of the world is needed to transcend the world of t&s and to know who you truly are” This statement is reminding me of letting go of the past, of things/concepts/people/relationships held dear, to move forward, and more importantly, to be in the Now. As in sometimes, you just gotta let things fall apart so that something even better can be created and allowed to grow. Letting go of sadness to feel joy, etc.

Wait, this sounds like Khak Ab. LOL.

Dua Htp.

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