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Level 1: Lesson 4 Video Assignment
intro to SN by Dja -conference 2008 part 1

Important themes presented:
– “Men and women are mortal Gods and Goddesses, this is the reality we are here to learn.” -Seba Dja

– The potion called setjert is a mixture of blood, beer, and mandrake. This is the formula used to heal and restore the Goddess Hetheru. Blood represents the ego and beer represents ignorance. Mandrake represents intoxication with the souls of Ra which comes with knowledge of self. These three when mixed together symbolizes nehast.

– “If your own reality is an illusion, then your illusion becomes your reality.” -Seba Dja

– The lower EM represents intellectual knowledge whereas the higher represents intuitional knowledge.

-The three stages of religion are: myth, ritual, and mysticism(SN). Western religions as well as other African traditions all lack the third stage which is mysticism.

– Kemet was established long before anyone knew of the Sumerians, christians, muslims, greeks etc.

– Lord Khepri is the father of SN. The lineage goes as follows:
Lord Khepri -> Lord Djehuti -> Asar, Aset, Hetheru -> Sages and High Priests -> Aspirants

What impressed me about this lesson:
Seba Dja was very elegant in explaining the lesson thoroughly. I’ve learned a lot from this video lesson and I continue to implement what I am learning into my daily life. The history is very fascinating and enlightening. Dua.