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I have commented on the four truths in other posts for this lesson so please see those.
In your final question you answered in an unusual way compared to most posts for this lesson. This is perhaps one of the closest responses to what I was thinking about when setting up this lesson. Indeed, if there is all manner of spiritual work but deep down an aspirant does not feel that there is a possibility of attaining enlightenment then the results of the efforts will be limited. Furthermore, the acknowledgment can be there and still most people hold to the notion “this is too much for me and probably unattainable for me.” The acknowledgment and even more, having “confidence” in the outcome, is important and dare we say, vital to the success on the spiritual path.
That kind of “confidence” may be termed maakheru or truth of speech. Living b Maat allows purity of personality and peace of mind such that the personality may be able to develop “saa” or understanding and that purity allows confidence to be built up in the personality; confidence in the teaching, confidence in the teacher and confidence in one’s own ability to learn and transform one’s life.
Indeed, it is possible for everyone who is mature enough to proceed in the manner outlined here. Therefore, progress on the spiritual path is possible for everyone but really available for those who have the capacity and not just possibility. Capacity means clarity of mind, balanced emotions, desire for spiritual evolution, dispassion about worldly interests, authentic spiritual teaching to follow and proper spiritual guidance.