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Bastu Akhu

Question for Reflection

What teaching(s) did you learn in this lesson do you need to reflect on more or start to apply or work more diligently on implementing on your personality, mentally, emotionally, metaphysically or otherwise to emulate human lady Aset on her path?

Reflecting on the many gems that was shared in this lesson, one that stuck out to me that equates to somewhat of an “aha” moment was the creation process, from undifferentiated consciousness, khu and tjst to objects and forms (inactivity to activity) and the illusoriness of it all. I gathered that lady Aset had studied the idea and nature of creation and hence came to the understanding that it was ALL illusory through experience and not just intellectually, hence her strong khab ab attainment and persistence in attaining the true essence behind it all.

I also came to realize how much I really do not know, in terms of “truth” even though I have been studying the teachings with diligence for a while. I so appreciate and mer our preceptors Sebai Maa and Seba Dja for “leading us along the path of truth”. Though I have heard that creation is illusory many times, it didn’t quite “sink in” that “everything I perceive with my mind is an illusion” and what this really means until this lesson. This lesson caused me to recall the time in our weekly chat meeting when Sebai took us through a mental activity that gave us an experience of the illusory nature of the mind but I must have forgotten.

I found the following statement by Sebai Maa very profound in my grasping the understanding of illusion and khak ab “…ultimately you are sick of everything that emerges in your perception that is not self/ not the Supreme Transcendental Divine… if this is the case then you are sick of everything that is not the transcendental Divine (An Neter Ren)…and since everything THAT you perceive with the MIND is not that…then it means that everything that you perceive externally as well as internally, your own thoughts, desires, feelings etc. is ALL ILLUSORY and all that is distracting from the discovering of supreme transcendental divine…”

I further appreciated Sebai’s feedback which expounded once more on khak ab and his sharing the formula of two essential components for khak ab to be successful;
1. Saa – this is clear intellect/understanding and clear feelings, understanding the illusoriness of creation and creator
2. Then when saa is achieved, the next stage is to live a life based on this understanding, which is maat ari, doing things based on truth, according to righteousness as opposed to doing things in accord with egoistic desires, or compromise of your ethics just to get by.

So, I will work diligently and continue my effort to achieve the above through the teachings and shedy disciplines. I gained some additional courage from Sebai saying that even if we have intermittent failures in applying the teachings, the attitude which we are also taught by Lady Aset is to continue through repeated effort (antet begag) and not stopping the process (an chen). Dua Goddess Aset.