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Bastu Akhu

Reading Assignment

1. Which hieroglyphic term covered in this lesson was most captivating to you personally and why?

There were two hieroglyphic terms that captivated me and it was hard to choose between them. They are;
“…ankh z-a demu tu her” which means “There is life to one who affirms their personality”
And “Ka -n -mut f” which means “…that great fullness that fills Creation itself. Bull of mother His.” “…one who engenders creation by impregnating his own body.”

Firstly, I gathered that the term “Ka-n-mut f” is saying that nothing in creation is void of “Ra” stuff and this one word or term alone is letting me know that ALL of creation is indeed an illusion, including my ego identity, body, mind and senses. What makes this term more salient to me is that it reinforces, if even at an intellectually level, the teaching that the mind and senses is also illusory. I say this because I do get that the body is illusory, and don’t need to give that a second thought. I also understand the senses and its role in interacting with the mind, but sometimes it is hard to grasp cognitively that the mind is also illusory because it’s like I’m using the same illusory instrument to understand “illusion”, but that instrument “mind” seems real when I ‘think’ I get or understand something. So, this escapes me from time to time that the ‘mind’ is indeed illusory. This term allowed me to also see more and more why the “ra” I am poisoning by creating the taffy shepsy is my own belief or idea of what this “ra” / creation is. It’s as if it allowed me to view the ‘mind’ abstractly, separate from me instead of subjectively.

Secondly, I found “…ankh z-a demu tu her” which means “There is life to one who affirms their personality” to be very soul soothing, much like music to my hears. I gathered that if I am not mind, body or senses, then I am something else, and when I unveil the essence of my being, and affirm it, eternal life, true life is guaranteed, for then I will have conquered/transcended both life and death. Dua Sebai Maa, Dua Seba Dja.