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Lesson 1 WK 6 Interactional assignment Responding to Demaz Alexis September 2016 impressive commentary on the Neterian tradition which he describes as the science of self leading to enlightenment. This journey, he explains, may occur on two path, the first being the path of Nature where we experience repeated reincarnations. The other path is the wisdom path, that which are taken by Neterians to achieve enlightenment. I found this discussion of Neterianism to be most informative. Sebai Maa in an audio feedback post 7147, in responding to a different but related idea asks the question, what is the direction of the soul? What is the true desire of the soul? In responding, he suggests that if we are referring to the universal soul then that is okay but if we are talking about the individual soul then, then we must know that we cannot rely upon it for direction as doing so would be misleading. Our individual souls are informed by our Aru which may undermine our journey towards enlightenment.

I found the distinction between the individual soul and the universal soul to be an important one as well as the fact that for both to merge, the individual soul and it’s accompanying Ari needs to be purified. which is made possible by Shetaut Neter.