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Lesson 1 WK 6 Audio Recording The Four Great Truths of Shetaut Neter

The main teachings brought out by the audio were the Four Great Truths of Shetaut Neter. These truths are the ethical foundation for the Neterian philosophy and include the following:

1) “Pa Neter ua ua Neberdjer m Neteru” –“The Neter, the Supreme Being is One and alone and as Neberdjer, manifesting everywhere and in all things in the form of Gods and Goddesses”.

2) “an-Maat swy Set s-Khemn”–“Lack of righteousness brings fetters to the personality and these fetters lead to ignorance of the divine.”

3) “s-Uashu s-Nafu n Saui Set”.—Devotion to the divine leads to freedom from the fetters of Set”

4) “Aai Shedy Rekh ab m Maakheru”–“The practice of the Shedy disciplines leads to knowing oneself and the divine. This is called being true of speech.”

I am trying my best to implement all of these truths into how I live my life. Most important is becoming aware of the presence of the Supreme Being who is everywhere and in all things. The goal is to recognize the divinity on the world and in oneself. This is achieved by practicing the Shedy disciplines including SEDJM REKH Shedy–Listening to the wisdom teachings, ARI Shedy–engaging in righteous action which purifies the personality, UASHU Shedy–Devotion to the divine which purifies the heart and UAA Shedy–meditation where one experiences the transcendental supreme self. The second great truth involves me recognizing that my actions have consequences and that to engage in unrighteous actions is to become a slave to the lower self while loosing one’s knowledge and awareness of the higher self. Knowing these consequences motivates me to walk a straight moral path grounded in Maat. I am also motivated to practice the third great truth which is that devotion to the divine ensures one’s liberation from the forces of the lower self. Hence, as someone who strives to experience enlightenment I am therefore very much aware that the means to doing so is by enacting the fourth great truth which is the practice of the Shedy disciplines and thus be true of speech. I have found that my practice recently has been somewhat inconsistent due to the demands of the temporal world but I believe that I am always aware and striving keep faithful to the path while living in the world, a challenge most of us confront.