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Level 1: Lesson 3 Audio Assignment GS13-Dr.Muata Ashby Interview About his work and philosophy

-What are the main teachings brought out in the audio lecture recording? Explain in your own words.
The main teachings discussed in the audio lecture are as follows:
-From a metaphysical aspect, creation is no more real than a very lengthy dream that one has in order to experience being. This is the purpose of creation essentially and this allows us to discover our higher selves.

-Neberjer is the supreme Being. Neberjer is creation itself.

-“The amassing of worldly knowledge cannot lead you to peace.” -Sebai MAA

-Societies(such as America) without a proper myth(culture) to lead the people will most likely begin to self destruct. An example of this is what we see today in the western world where many evils are made to seem normal.

-Religious peoples such as the christians take myths literally as they lack knowledge of metaphysics. A great example of this is the Asarian Resurrection.

-You are Asar. I am Asar. Egoism has killed me and I have been resurrected by the teachings of Aset.

-The myths included within religions often do not require their followers to undergo any higher self discovery. Sebai MAA mentioned an example of this being the promising of seventy two virgins by the islamic faith. I also wonder about this claim because this has to do with a worldly desire of the lower self of most men. How can one make such a promise and fulfill it on another plane of existence?

-It is vital to practice the teachings and live with them rather than simply making statements like “I am God” or “I am Asar” etc.

-Faith based religions allow their followers to think they are going to heaven while everyone else(billions of people) are going to hell simply for not believing in their faith. Western religion is filled with contradictions. They speak of peace but their history is filled with murder, rape and destruction in the name of their faith.

-Polygamy was a practice among the rulers of Kemet but not so much among the common people.

Some important terms discussed in the audio are:
-uhmankh: reincarnation
-Heru: Your own higher aspiration
-Sefek Ba Ra: 7 Souls of Ra (7 energy centers)

-Are you currently implementing the teaching given in the book and the lecture? If so, which ones?

“If you have not reached a place of peace, worldly desires will have a grip on you. Until you learn this lesson you will repeat the process of uhmankh.” – Sebai MAA

This quote really stood out to me from the audio lesson as I do not wish to repeat the process of uhmankh.
I’m currently implementing many of the teachings, such as meditation, silence, postures of the Neteru, the Kemetic diet and abstaining from anything harmful to the body in general.

-If not then how will you implement the teachings you are not currently practicing in your life and spiritual practice?

I have been keeping notes in my daily journal regarding improvements and what teachings I need to increase. I’ll continue to do so and monitor my weaknesses and anything I struggle with.