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Goddess Aset: Lady of Dispassion and Enlightenment

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“Topic #5: Qualification of an Aspirant?
One who is ready to attain unity with the higher self must have a positive frame of mind.”
The mark of an ideal aspirant is indeed one who is “ready” (pure body, ego and soul) to enter into divine consciousness, leaving all behind, having supreme dispassion and clarity of philosophy, with fearless heart. Yet what is necessary to reach the higher levels is a yearning for something more than the vicissitudes of ego or the insanity of human culture and a willingness to explore the possibility that what one knows about oneself, family, history, etc. are all illusions learned through life lived in ignorance, with the ignorant, greedy and deluded companions of life. If there is also a positive feeling about these issues, such that the prospect of discovering the truth about life, even when it may mean leaving behind the illusions and the illusory relations in life, when these exists in mind, even when realizations dawn that life is not what was thought but actually is more than what was imagined and that that higher experience of life can be yours if the right thoughts, feelings and practices are adopted in life; then one is ready to attain higher consciousness and eventually will be successful.