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temple of asar 360



Very good

A few comments:


“One must refrain from having an egoistic attitude believing that what they do is by themselves and for themselves only. Such an attitude will only bind you to human existence.”


Very true and one way to sublimate the ego and use worldly situations to turn this issue around is to simply wish well on all whom you meet and nut just saying “have a good day” mechanically but really meaning others well as if (and in reality you are) becoming a conduit through which the divine transfers good will, divine grace and positive nergy to others. This allows one to feel good just by expressing goodness and one becomes the beneficiary of internal as positive divine energy that works to cleanse ones own negative aryu and allows one to be in touch with the glorious divine within and not place so much importance on externalities. One also becomes the beneficiary of a more positive environment and the appreciations of those on the receiving end of the good will. Yet the greatest beneficiary is one’s self wherein the ego is put down happily without any fuss…



“The point that was being made is that one must find a preceptor who are themselves enlightened.”


Indeed this is an ideal but what is important is finding people along the journey of life that are on an authentic path, practicing ethical conscience and who have become wiser than oneself. This will lead one to higher wisdom and to higher sources of wisdom.


“You must attempt never to lose your temper in the presence of your preceptor and never treat the preceptor unrighteously or with resentment.”


It is ok to lose temper or become emotional in the presence of the teacher but it is important to refrain from directing that towards the teacher as it will not affect an authentic teacher but will affect the doer as powerful impressions (aryu) are setup by doing that generally and then more doing it towards inappropriate subjects like the teacher or like God (some people express anger towards god when they lose a loved one, etc.).