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Reading Reflections:

Quote #1:
“ The portrayal of God as a Father who begets a son who becomes his paraclete and revealer occurs first, and with most primacy, in Ancient Egypt in the mythology of Nebertcher and Osiris. Heru, in Egypt, was the reincarnation of Osiris, his father, who was himself an incarnation of the High God Ra, the Absolute abode of all things.” (Ashby, p. 47)

Reflection on the above quote reveals the symbolic lineage in which we all share. This illustration clearly defines the human experience as that of avatar (Heru) to the Divine (Ra) by way of the soul (Asar). Thus, the fragmented soul is vindicated in the physical realm and the Trinity forms one binding Divine existence.

Quote #2:
“When the deeper , mystical implications are understood, spiritual art in the form of symbols, deities, etc., can produce a meditative effect in the mind which leads to an expansion in consciousness.” (Ashby, p. 48)

Upon reflection of the above quote it is revealed that the purpose of symbols and spiritual art is not merely to embellish but to transform the mind into deeper levels of consciousness. Spiritual art in the form of deities and other symbols are like keys that open doors leading to Divine consciousness and, therefore, should not be viewed at surface value but for their deeper meaning.

Quote #3:
“The writings are referred to as “Khu” or “Hekau,” meaning utterances or words of power and collectively they are known as “Medu Neter” (Words of the God) or “Neter Medu” (Divine Speech).” (Ashby, p. 49)

Likewise, when reflecting on the symbolism of hieroglyphic writings (“Khu” or “Hekau”) it is understood that they are not mere arbitrary picture writings but, when uttered properly, have the power to bring what is spoken into being. Thus, the “Medu Neter” are Words of the Divine, which implies that speech is sacred. Medu Neter, in symbolic terms, is related to Lord Djehuty and his consort the Goddess Sesheta.

The previous quotes and reflections are what jumped out at me in the text, and provided a prerequisite to approach the following teachings of the Asarian Resurrection on its deepest levels. The study (shedi) of the Asarian Resurrection is so much more than what meets the eye, and it is important to understand how the characters symbolically relate to the various aspects of the personality. Though I have known the story of Asar, Aset and Heru since childhood, I am only recently discovering the psycho-spiritual connection to the myth under the authentic guidance of Sebai Maa and Seba Dja.

This was, indeed, the purpose of the ancient Kemetic schools of spiritual philosophy, led by authentic Spiritual Preceptors who guided Temple initiates in the teachings of Shetaut Neter. The Temple of Asar course, and all teachings within Kemet University are authentic to the tradition of Shetaut Neter in the truest sense. It is for this reason that I am ever mindful of my gratitude for the teachings and for my Spiritual Preceptors Sebai Maa and Seba Dja.
Shems Heryt