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Level 1, Lesson 3 Video Assignment: intro to SN part 3b.mp4

Important themes listed:

– Certain Hindu Sages acknowledge the origin of Yoga being from ancient Kemet.

-A student of Swami Sivananda mentioned the postures of the Neteru in her book, relating Smai Tawi to what the ancient Indians called Hatha(Hetheru) Yoga. However, most will reject this claim out of ignorance.

-Most people see the world as reality but the enlightened ones see it as a dream.

-Purifying the personality as well as meditation allows one to have more spiritual experiences.

-Those who like to take bits and pieces of the Mysteries and mix it with their practices(i.e moors, freemasons, western Yogis) will not advance much in this way.

-Freemasons have nothing to do with Shetaut Neter. They came far later and they simply adopted certain Kemetic symbols in order to elevate themselves in stature.

-abrahamic religions such as islam and christianity look down upon the ancient Egyptians. Moreover, according to arab historians, it was a sufi who defaced the great Heru m Akhet. Such behavior is not befitting of the righteous nor spiritual.

-It’s very unwise to waste time debating with others, aspirants should always focus on applying the disciplines.

What impressed you most about the video:
What impressed me about the video is the insight with regard to mixing different doctrines and practices together. Perhaps this is often done when aspirants seek knowledge without the presence of a teacher. The student to Preceptor method of studying is vital when in pursuit of the higher mysteries and eventually nehast.