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Here is the video from this session that covered the post.

One more point to finish on this topic is that most aspirants -not only of the Kemetic studies but also those of the Indian, Chinese, etc., mysteries, due to incapacity, treat the opinions of sages with equal weight or less weight than their own. This means that when they say comments like “this is the way i see it” -they really mean, “this is my opinion and I see what you are saying and that’s good for you and I am going to continue for now doing what I am doing regardless.”
This is understandable if it is an acknowledgement of the truth of the teaching and that there will be an effort to change to rise to the ethics of the teaching, looking at oneself honestly and the reasons one came to the teaching instead of just staying in the world without any guidance at all like a regular worldly person and acknowledging that one is wanting in terms of spiritual attainment and in a degraded condition and that the sagely advice is a higher truth than ones’ own failed ideas and opinions-even if at present one cannot attain the higher ideal; but most aspirants do not have that conscience about it so they really want to dabble in the teaching to make themselves believe they are “spiritual” and continue experiencing life as they are used to it and thus cannot “improve” or make higher attainments but only change in a horizontal manner, like moving from one noisy apartment to another and not to a quiet location. Most times the opinions of sages are considered as any other opinions, just a different perspective no better or worse than their own why since “I” know better then why not do what “I” think I should do-after all “I” am an individual with my own mind and “I” know myself better than anyone and this is “MY” life to live and “I” am an adult and smart so why is anyone’s opinion better than mine?” and sages are like anyone else right?
The failing of personal sovereignty is that when it is governed by ignorance and immaturity it is self-destructive and counterproductive; yet all along the self-deluded ego makes itself believe it is if not doing the right thing, at least doing its own thing and after all isn’t that what the general culture teaches, that that is what life’s all about? doing one’s own thing and living one’s life? This of course does not take into account the delusion one is living by based on eons of conditioning and personal egoistic desires that drive the personality.
Therefore, an avid aspirant should grow to discover their failings and make the best of sagely advice as soon as possible while that advice is available by purifying the heart through cultivation of ethical conscience/purity of heart = righteous action, which means following the sagely advice to the extent possible.
Finally here I mean by following the sagely advice to the extent possible that following done with sincere effort and weighing the vetted sagely advice as higher than one’s own as opposed to deluding oneself that one is following the teachings because one may have read some books or attended some classes and thinking they know as well as the teacher and therefore not really valuing the advice and thus in the end taking the path of egoism while still thinking of oneself as an authentic “initiate”.