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Level 1, Lesson 3 Reading Assignment (pgs. 23-34)

Who is Shetai?
Shetai is Amun, the hidden one. Some other names for Shetai are the Mysterious One and the Secret One.

Week 2 Topic #1: Yoga in Ancient Egypt? The term Shedy is the spiritual discipline or program that promotes spiritual evolution that was practiced in ancient Egypt.

Topic #2: What is Egyptian Yoga?
The term Smai Heru Set or Smai Taui are ancient Egyptian terms which are translated to Egyptian Yoga.

What is the path of nature in light of that, how should a spiritual aspirant think of their spiritual path?
The path of nature is a path which does not necessarily involve a student to preceptor relationship. The seeker simply lives a natural life time and time again while learning lessons over many incarnations. This path comes with many struggles and questions which are not answered for many life times.

The spiritual aspirant should think of their spiritual path in a more serious fashion. The student to preceptor relationship is very vital as it allows us more opportunity to advance. Having this access gives the aspirant a direct form of communication with an enlightened teacher, as opposed to the path of nature. The spiritual aspirant should concentrate on the Shedy teachings such as rituals on a daily basis. This along with Smai Taui, meditation, diet, and chants will aid greatly to his or her nehast. The seeker upon the path of nature does not have these teachings.

Topic #4: The Qualities of an Aspirant?
Aspirant must have the primary step in advancing spiritually.

What pushes the aspirant to become super normal?
Smai Heru Set pushes aspirants to become super normal by rising above what society considers to be normal. This leads to aspirants overcoming negative emotions such as jealousy, anger, and depression.

Topic #5: Qualification of an Aspirant?
One who is ready to attain unity with the higher self must have a positive frame of mind.