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Arit Neter S

Udja. Response to #7847 from Sebai Maa.

So then, I will close by stating that I am learning more about the connection between the knower and what is known, as well as what is used in order to know. The drop in the ocean is the ocean and is also all of the drops in the ocean, as well as the creator of the ocean. Same goes for all of the Cosmic Forces and all Life Forces, all living beings, all people. I now can see the myths having three levels, just like your trillinear translations, and not to mix them up. Or, to only recount one level. There is the story, of what happened as if in the day to day life of the Neteru; there is the metaphysical, in terms of Soul, Spirit, Intuitional Wisdom, Truth, Discernment, the Cosmic Fores, etc. And, the third way that I see these myths, is how they are reflected and lived out in my own life. I am sure there is another, but the main thing is to see how these are connected, and cannot be separated. Or should not be separated. When expressing myself, I must be clear as to which is being expressed/revealed. What are the terms again please? Myth, Metaphor no, Mystical and Metaphysical? Something like that. The Three facets of true religion. I know you have lectured on this before. In order to be thorough, I will attempt to include all three in the future. As for poetic creative expression, not sure how to turn that off, perhaps will answer the next questions in song, as that is easiest for me. And easiest for others to understand.

Dua Net.