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Glorious Light Meditation Myth of Goddess Hetheru: She forgot who she was
Setjert= Blood + Beer + mandrake
Blood=intoxication w/ worldly desire = egoism = I am the body (flesh & blood), I eat bodies, etc.
Beer=intoxication w/ world pleasure = ignorance = actions seeking happiness in time & space
Mandrake=intoxication w/ the bau (souls) of Ra (w/ fullness – infinity – peace that comes thru self knowledge)
Shetaut Neter: Secrit/hidden Divinity
Sheri tu=writings related to the hidden teachings
Shetaut Neter: The teaching about the secret, hidden, divinity (Supreme Being)
Egyptian Mysteries have
Lower Mysteries: Intellectual knowledge
Higher Mysteries: Intuitional Knowledge
Myth – Matnu- Story
Ritual – Aru – Ritual
Mysticism – Shetaut Neter
Herumakhet: Sphinx dates Kamitan Rweligion to be the oldest known to man
Shemsu Neter: Follower of Shetaut Neter
Lord Kephri: Founder of Netianism
Lord Kephri gave the the teachings to Djehuti, who codified it & gave it to Aset, Asar, Hetheru. Asar and Aset gave the teachings to Heru, who gave it to the priests and priestesses who gave it to us.
Searching for one’s self in the world is the pursuit of an illusion
Ra Aka Uaa – Glorious Light Meditation
To be successful the legacy must be lived, not just studied and revered
Shemsu Udja Sheti- Burning desire/aspiration to obtain Nehast
Tenem – losing the way, wandering, lost, turned away from
Nehast: The final objective
Devotion to the divin should increase & there should be increasing turning away from worldly egoistic ideals and desires

Q: You speak of needing a Sebai for practice/growth. Is it possible to attain Nehast with a Sebai from long distance? What if there are no groups in your area that are in practice or learning Shetaut Neter?