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First of all, Dua as your post offers a good summary of the main points of the lesson. I particularly like your reference to the practice of the Egyptian Yoga and the way you summarize the goal and the method for each aspect. I also like your statement when you refer to having the plan to continue to make your spiritual practice more consistant. I believe this is a noble goal that will support your progress. Also, your statement further saying that you enjoy opportunities to practice with others show that you prioritize Nefer associations that can reinforce your ability to apply the teaching. I may comment overall that the difficulties that you face in reinforcing your practice are due to the arius and as you move along with the purification process, doing Shedy, you will find ways to be able to cope with them and elevate your effort.

The feedback from Sebai Maa is enlightened as it relates to the concept of reward in worldly and spiritual context. From a worldly standpoint, reward leads to attachment, pride and others feelings that reinforce our sense of duality. Whereas in the mystical philosophy context, it relates to dispassion and perseverrance. Thus, two opposite perspectives illustrating the essential difference between a worldly and spiritual life. This is a good point to reflect on as aspirant in a sense to avoid searching for egoistic reward in our spiritual life.
Further, from the reply of Sebai Maa, i like the reference to the way we should consider human relationship and other type of relationships in general. Particularly, we should use not look in a sense to develop attachment but consider the relationships a way to learn how to develop and practice piritual qualities including patience and perseverance, two essential aspects that support our progress in the path. Also, we need to understand where our responsbilty lies: we are solely responsible for our part in the spiritial life and not for what others will become which is linked to their Arius in time and space. It is important we develop detachment, equal vision and freedom in order to progress and ultimately to attain NEhast with relentless practive of the Shedy disciplines in an integral fashion.