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A very good post demonstrating a working understanding of the intricate nature of the creative process as well as the mythic wisdom of the nature of Creation and the high philosophical psycho-mysticism of the path to self-knowledge as described so far in the text.
Here I will comment summarily on your following statements:
“This movement/work is one of reverting to the original state of undifferentiated state of existence/consciousness (unrutef).
After the work of forming the taffy shepsy is done, there has to be a period of inactivity, (an nemu nemu), where an aspirant ceases all movement in all three realms of time and space reality; physical, astral and causal.
Sebai advise to beware of the mechanical focus of stopping the mind physically through effort without doing the preparation work, the work of khak ab (which is not being caught up in passions of the world).
“If you really don’t give a care about the world and about the objects in it, fully philosophical, at any moment, or at that time you can let it go.”
How does one truly reach a strong state of khak-ab?
There are two essential aspects to this practice that allows khak-ab to be successful.
1-First, it is saa-[clear intellect and clear feelings]understanding the illusoriness of Creation and Creator
2-then it is the living of life-based on that understanding-maat ari.-with antet begag and an chen (all this is part of the kneading process)

Just because something may be understood does not mean it can be followed or upheld in life due to intervening aryu that forces other actions in accord with the aryu and not in accord with truth. Many people have successfully stopped the mind and withdrawn senses but attain no enlightenment. Why? Because the aryu that forces worldly ego identification and acceptance of the world as a reality other than Ra remains dormant and has not been purified. Ra remains enthroned as God Creator and his creation continues to delude when in a conscious thought withdrawn state (such as in meditation when in anrutf state) or in an unconscious thought withdrawn state (dreamless sleep) state. So deluded ego is brought back to the conscious sense-aware state.

Saa means understanding with feeling = understanding intellectually + purified feelings not governed by egoistic sensibilities or ignorant desires.

KEY Maut -takeaway—————————–
Ancient Egyptian owls

If it is fully understood that Creation is nothing but God (Ra) then it means there is nothing in Creation that is other than Ra, other than one and the same thing including oneself.

there is nothing to go after in the world-all is Ra-any desire is desire for Ra -who we are essentially
there is nothing to regret in the world-Ra cannot regret Ra- who we are essentially
there is nothing to hate in the world-Ra cannot hate Ra and we cannot Hate Ra who- we are essentially
there is nothing to love in the world- except Ra-who we are essentially
there is all to witness in the world-who is Ra essentially
there is God to adore in the world -who we are essentially-so we are sacred and deserving our own love, admiration, respect, adoration-in the illusory Creation and the mirror of our own mind.

there is God in the inner world of one’s own conscious awareness-the ego I in one’s own mind is one’s own “Ra Creator” nature of one’s own life.
there is not only God but the source substratum (Nun) in the the outer world but also in the inner astral subconscious world -one’s own feelings and desires fuels the Creation of one’s own ego-identity, one’s own ego-life experiences-interaction in that Nun that has become our thoughts, imaginations and the external world.
there is not only source substratum (Nun) in the inner world but the non-dual source “I” – Creator Paraclete (Ra) one’s own ego identity is one’s own Ra-creator identity
beyond the inner world of mind and identity, there is pure consciousness (Neter)-this is one’s own essence beyond ego identity and illusory temporary inner and outer ego manifestation as modifications based on Nun (undifferentiated consciousness)(body of Ra –a portion of which he used to turn into Creation).
Now if the above is understood philosophically and then after living by this truth (Maat) and thereby sufficiently developing truth of speech (Maa-kheru) will power.
Then the understanding can become effective and move beyond intellect and into effective execution.
Effective execution of khak-ab allows effectiveness in personality concentration into oneness (taffy shepsy), and motionlessness (an-nemu-nemu).

Effective motionlessness allows withdrawal from:
-externalized sense perceptions (illusory Creation and Creator ego mind breakdown) (Ra is sick)
-the illusory Creation (the seeing Creation as something other than Ra) (Ra is dying)

Effective motionlessness allows the emergence of the true name of self:
-awareness of Neter (transcendental Divinity without name or gender) as source sustaining the illusory Creator and its Creations
-awareness of Neter in fullness, being able to become seated in that by sufficient time of awareness of such means awareness of self and all as Neter = Nehast
-being seated in that Neter allows experiences as Creator and as well as with Creation to proceed without entanglements or delusions.


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