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Dua Sebai Maa for the audio feedback. I like the emphasis on the aspect related to the importance of being capable to practice the teaching with the required intensity and understadning in order to progress. In present time, our capability based on past and current negative Arius accumulated from our ignorance, is consumed in wordly occupations and does not live us with adequate energy to practice fully or fully enough to properly advance.

The reference to the qualities of dispassion and perseverance to help sustaining our practice, is on point for us in the path and remind us about the need not to feel discouraged for apparent lack of progress over time as well as when facing difficulties but, to continue to follow the instructions steadily.

Dua for being an authentic preceptor for us and your blessings as well, as we are striving to become an authentic aspirant with the understanding that to elevate ourselves at that level, we need to contiunue to work hard, very hard as you instructed us in the post, by the practice of the Shedy disciplines, in order to purify the negative Arius.

Those are important points that we need to continuoulsy reflect on and use as guidance, as we pursue our journey.