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Lesson 1 WK 5 Video Assignment Intro to SN Conference 2008 Part 2

The video discussed different aspect of Shetaut Neter including the following:

—–Devotion should be practiced three times per day–morning, noon and evening
—–There are many different forms of meditation and it is suggested that you find one that is in sink with your personality.
—-the postures is another important component of SN and it is important that one focuses on the spiritual dimensions of the postures with the physical exercise being a secondary benefit. There is also Maat the principles of which become the foundation for one’s conduct

Also discussed in the video were the keys to success which includes having patience, perseverance and good association
—-Shemsu Udja Sedje—we must also have a burning desire to achieve Nehast which then motivates us to study and practice the teachings. The primary objective is NUK PU NUK ASAR NETER-I am that I am. As we ground ourselves in the teachings and the practice we become less identified with the material world and its desires
—When one is no longer practicing Shemsu one is then doing TEM–turning away from the path which is a regressive move.

What impressed me most about this presentation was the notion of shemsu and having a burning desire to experience enlightenment as a motivating factor in learning about and practicing the teachings. Shetaut Neter offers multiple avenues that may serve as a source for developing and sustaining such a burning desire. For me studying the teachings is what motivates me the most. As was pointed out in the video it is not enough just to study but it is important also to apply the teachings in one’s daily life. Also I am motivated by the prospect of liberating myself by being purified, mentally, spiritually and physically. This motivates me to practice my meditation as well as engage in the postures. Maat is also an important dimension of Shetaut Neter which I am gradually trying to understand and apply in my life. This motivates me to engage in righteous conduct. I also believe that I am motivated by the prospects of experiencing divine love and wisdom that is associated with enlightenment.