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Bastu Baket

Temple of Asar Lesson 1 Reading Assignment – Foreward and Preface

In the Foreward section of this book, I especially resonated with the beginning words – “What do you most want in life? For what are you truly looking? What is there in life to fulfill your deepest longings, needs and desires?” I believe this is where Shems Arit got her inspiration for her Nefer song titled, “Two Roads – The Path of Ignorance or the Path of Wisdom.” Indeed if we had already found what we were looking for then we would not be reading or found interest in this most profound work. Sebai Maa wrote: “The goal of yoga is to promote integration of the mind-body-spirit complex in order to produce optimal health of the human being.” He is not only speaking about the physical well-being of a human being but also of the mind and spirit. So, thankfully we have found this volume allowing for at least the capacity to discover what it is we’re truly searching for in this lifetime. Dua Sebai Maa for bringing forth the wisdom contained in the teachings through the writing of this book.

Through the Preface section Sebai Maa takes us through a brief history and explanation of Shetaut Neter, what it means, what it is based on, the philosophy of it with time lines of when the religion was practiced, maps of the temples locations in Kemet, origins of Ancient Egyptians, what they called the land (Kemet) even displaying it in hieroglyphs. He moves us to understanding the fundamentals of philosophy behind the African Religion of Shetaut Neter and brings us to the tenets with the Four Great Truths of Shetaut Neter along with a summary of how each Truth is a path to the realization through the integral Shedy disciplines which ultimately lead to the goal of life-Enlightenment. He explained the origin of the word Neter and the Neteru (Gods and Goddesses) and broke down the various teaching traditions Shetaut Anu – Ra Tradition; Shetaut Menefer – Ptah Tradition, Shetaut Waset – Amun Tradition; Shetaut Netrit – Goddess Tradition; Shetaut Asar – Asarian Tradition and Shetaut Aton – Aton Tradition to show their intercorrelation of Trinities and Pauti (company of Gods/Goddesses.)

In the section titled, “What is Yoga Philosophy and Spiritual Practice” Sebai Maa reiterated, “Yoga is a discipline or way of life designed to promote the physical, mental and spiritual development of the human being.” One may ask why? He continues,”It leads a person to discover the answers to the most important questions of life such as Who am I?, Why am I here? and Where am I going? So it goes back to the original questions of why we’re reading and interested in this book. He gives us solid advise on how to study the wisdom teachings we are about to examine not just for intellectual knowledge but for the ultimate goal for every human being Nehast-Spiritual Enlightenment!

For me African Religion Vol.4 Asarian Theology is one of the most important studies one can endeavor to embark on. Just in the Foreward and Preface alone, we are already given much knowledge as a foundation to build and erect our own Spiritual Temple within ourselves. Now onward to continue our construction!

Hetep Shems Baket Asu Ra