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Level 1, Lesson 2 Interaction Assignment
Reply to Ronald Crawford #6405 & Sebai MAA #6455


I appreciate your dialog on lesson 2. I was able to take in some additional information from Ronald’s post as well as the feedback. The proper spelling/pronunciation of King Seti Ua(Wa) is of great importance. After all, it is because of him that we have the first ever recorded meditation system!

“All the divinities are natural meaning derived from and composed of spirit essence, the same from which humans are composed.”
Sebai MAA

The above quote resonated with me and further clarifies for me the nature of the Neteru. I find it so fascinating that the ancestors were able to put together such a great way to explain the universe. Moreover, so much knowledge has been preserved over thousands of years whereas other cultures may have lost the bulk of the ancient knowledge from their area.