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Lesson 1 WK 4 Reading Assignment Pp. 35-55

Why is keeping the company of the wise important?

Keeping the company of the wise accelerates spiritual growth and prevents the aspirant from making mistakes resulting from trial and error and thus many lifetimes of suffering. Such company reinforces the commitment of the aspirant and ensure that they do not stray from the teachings. GOOD ASSOCIATION TAKE THE FORM OF SAGES AND SAINTS who may be one’s preceptor or Sabai

How should the spiritual aspirant think about good association?
The spiritual aspirant should think about good association as an opportunity for promoting one’s spiritual growth realizing that through such association one may learn the more subtle aspects of the teachings; being applied by someone who are themselves enlightened. To ensure that they will benefit from such association, the aspirant needs to put aside their egos and maintain the highest degree of regard and respect for their preceptors.

When can you the aspirant choose those disciplines which suit your personality?

One may do so when one learns the correct method of spiritual discipline, one may then choose the discipline (meditation, selfless service etc) which best suites one’s personality

What food does the preceptor provide?

The preceptor provides food in the form of knowledge and guidance and how to connect with the divine

Who is a teacher?

A teacher is someone who may help the aspirant to understand and apply the teachings as well as knowing how to control the lower self through purifying the body and the mind

Who is Sebai?
A preceptor who instructs us on the teachings; derived from Sema, one who renders clear or visible

The actions of a sage affects an incalculable amounts of people. Their actions ripple through the world like a wave ripples across a lake.

Where was the largest priesthood? The largest priesthood was in Egypt and belonged to the temples of the Gods Amun, Asar, Ra and Heru as well as the Goddesses Net, aset, and Hetheru

The role of the teacher?

The teacher makes his or herself a conduit and an instrument for the divine through which the divine may enlighten others

The key is the attitude with which you perform your duties. If one engage in actions with an egoistic attitude, one will then intensify the fetters which binds us to human existence. Instead one should treat experiences as opportunities to do the work of the divine by allowing one’s soul to express itself in what one does.

Many preachers use exciting methods to talk about their scriptures but the excitement is not long lasting and when it dies the aspirant is left without any guidance.

When life humbles the aspirant it is even more important that they should trust in the teacher without fear of being judged. The aspirant needs to relinquish their egos and relate to the teacher in an upright and respectful manner. They must pledge their service in the form of physical, mental, and spiritual support and devotion.

When I reflect on this lesson, those things that are unique to a teacher of spirituality vs. any other teacher. For me the distinction has to do with the fact that a teacher of spirituality imparts knowledge as does any other teacher. The difference is that they do so not only by what they say but simply by who they are in terms of embodying those virtues and principles that are being taught.