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Udja everyone,

I’m currently reading Egyptian Yoga vol. 1 and I’m half way through it while taking notes. As someone who has been previously following islam, I can’t help but notice all of the similarities and practices which were plagiarized by the abrahamic religions. What are we to think about this? After all, they do promote that the Pharaohs were evil people who enslaved certain populations. Some examples are the postures used in daily prayers, the hekau which they call adhkar(invocations), as well as them closing their prayers with ‘ameen’. If you ask an islamic scholar why this is said, he will tell you it simply means ‘accept’ but they never mention Amen Ra.

As for the Christians/Catholics, we find obelisks in places like vatican city. Moreover, there are many pictures where the pope is wearing Kemetic garb but these individuals never give credit to ancient Kemet or Nubia. The bible seems to be filled with metaphysics and some folklore similar to ours, but it seems as if it was misunderstood. They also close their prayers with ‘Amen’.

If anyone else has been thinking about this, please feel to weigh in. I’m just curious about this.