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Lesson 1 WK 4 VIDEO–Intro to SN by Dja–conference 2008 Part1

The main themes presented in this video was Shetaut Neter that serves as a tool for promoting our liberation, healing, and enlightenment. The assumption is that due to our identification with the world we have forgotten our true identity as divine beings. Shetaut Neter therefore exist as a tool for restoring us to a true knowledge of self and and reclaiming our divinity. The myth that was shared in illustrating the redemptive function of Shetaut Neter was the story of Hetheru who experience a loss of self but who was restored through the work of Djehuti who gave him a mixture containing divine light which healed her.

The point was made that unlike most religions that practice the myth and ritual, only, Shetaut Neter also includes the mystical component. It therefore is an authentic religion in terms of providing the fullness of what religion is truly about. Shetaut Neter is the most ancient of religions origination in Ancient Kemet. Shetaut Neter proceeds all other religions and is therefore the mother of all religions influencing Dogon, Yoruba, Bhuddism, Christianity, Hinduism, and Judaism The teachings were founded by Lord Khepri who passed it on to Djehuti who codified it and passed it on to Asar who added the devotional elements, who passed it on to Aset who added the wisdom teachings. There are four great truths 1) The Neter is one and alone manifesting everywhere as Gods and Goddesses 2) Lack of righteousness leads to ignorance of the divine 3) Devotion to the divine leads to freedom from the fetters of Set 4) The practice of the Shedy disciplines leads to us knowing oneself and the divine which is called True of Speech.

What impressed me most about the lesson was the point made that the Shedy practices are directed at purifying different dimensions of the self. In this sense it provides a comprehensive integral approach that addresses all dimensions of the personality. The Wisdom teachings purifies our intellect, selfless services purifies our conduct, meditation purifies our will, and devotion purifies our emotions. I am impressed by this because it provides a psychological model for redemption which is often thought of as a religious endeavor. The Shedy disciplines place emphasis on self knowledge as a path to redemption so that knowing the self is to know the divine. Shetaut Neter provides the validated tools that allows us to fulfill our purpose in gaining knowledge of our divine selves.