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Lesson 2: Personal Assessment
intro into Egyptian Yoga & Neterian Spirituality Workbook pgs 21-22

(1)How would you describe your knowledge of religion and philosophy?
I have a moderate knowledge of the abrahamic religions.

(2)What do you see as the greatest obstacle to your happiness & fulfillment in life?
I see my mind as the greatest obstacle to my own happiness and fulfillment in life. To explain this in detail, I have always been quiet and introverted. Consequently, I am a very deep thinker so this can be troublesome when reflecting on negative experiences. As a teenager I would hear advice such as “you should express yourself more and never keep your emotions bottled up”. This has always been difficult advice for me to apply due to my personality so emotional trauma and experiences have been piling without release.

The first time I experienced a great emotional release was during my last dry fast. I felt very relieved afterwards. Otherwise, I try to ignore my feelings and any negative experiences from the past. I didn’t think that they would ever surface but I’m finding out I was wrong. As I reflect on this shortcoming of mine, I simply would like to continue learning and resolving my aryu while accepting my experiences as lessons. I do feel I am getting much better but this is still somewhat an obstacle.

(3)What do you see as the most important need you have?
The most important need I have is true inner peace. I find comfort in being able to finally get answers to questions I’ve had for years. Books such as Cht n Ankh and Egyptian Yoga vol 1 by Sebai MAA are extremely beneficial for me on my journey so I am grateful.

(4)What is your previous religious affiliation or faith and how do you think it relates to what you are following now?
My previous religious affiliation was islam. I discovered it in a book in my high school library and proceeded to learn and follow it for the next seven years before discarding entirely. Part of the reason why I felt it was relatable is because I thought of it as one of the paths that the ancestors chose. However, going deeper into history I learned that we have been following African spiritual systems long before invaders brought religions such as islam into the African continent. Moreover, I’ve learned that much of the concepts adopted by the abrahamic religions came from Kemetic tradition but they seem to have been misunderstood and taken literally. Otherwise, I find islam to be very lowly(spiritually) compared to Shetaut Neter so this tells me I have grown immensely since then.

(5)What role do you feel religion or spirituality plays in your life?
Spirituality plays an immense role in my everyday life at this point in my life. I make it my responsibility to follow the teachings and apply the daily prayers, meditation, and rituals. Nehast is my primary focus in life so my focus is purely on developing my higher self.

(6)Have you had any previous Yoga instruction? If so, where and what was your experience?
I have never had Yoga instruction but I became interested in it last year and began to practice some of the basics on my own after I learned of the effectiveness of Hatha Yoga.

(7)Have you received any advanced religious instruction?
I have taken many classes regarding Arabic language, monotheism, the quran, and several other islamic texts from 2008-2015.

(8)How do you see your life?
I see my life as a journey and I’m traveling through it in search of answers. I’m learning to take every experience as a lesson along the way and the goal is to resolve all my aryu. My primary goal is nehast.

(9)What do you think of your own potential to succeed in life?
I think I have great potential to succeed in life. However, as I’ve been growing spiritually I frequently have been changing my focus and goals according to what I feel is most important at the time. Even so, I believe I have the power to succeed in any area of life that I shift my energy towards. I have been told this by many others as well.

(10)If you could, what would you like to do with your life?
I would like to spend as much time learning as possible. I feel very content when I’m stimulating my brain and consuming beneficial information. Afterwards, I would like to assist others in any way possible such as traveling to Africa and helping to uplift the people there.