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Level 1, lesson 2
intro to SN short part 2b.mp4

List the important themes presented.
There were many important themes presented in the lesson.
-The two forms of worship are two, public and private. Public worship is led by a High Priest/Priestess at a temple. Private worship takes place at one’s residence. An altar is setup for prayers and studies etc.

-The first known meditation technique in history was inscribed inside the tomb of King Seti(I hope I spelled his name correctly). This method is known as Glorious Light Meditation.

-The Goddess Maat represents balance and righteousness. Her headdress is an ostrich’s feather.
“When Maat Philosophy is understood deeply and thoroughly, one discovers a cosmic balance between himself/herself and the universe.”
-Sebai MAA

It is important to not only understand the philosophy but to apply it as well for the most benefit.
In the judgment scene, one’s heart is weighed on the scales against the feather of the Goddess Maat. If the heart is heavier than the feather, the individual is not considered righteous. He/she will be reincarnated according to their aryu.
If the heart is balanced, the individual is moderately righteous and will dwell with Asar in the netherworld.
And lastly, if the heart is lighter than Maat’s feather, the individual is righteous and will have transcended physicality. This individual will dwell in the astral plane.

-When one chooses a spiritual teacher it is vital to not bring one’s own ego into this new teacher-student relationship. The aspirant should listen to advice and be willing to apply it in everyday life. One of the reasons why aspirants fail is due to not having an open mind regarding the teachings.

-The five phases of Sema Tawi postures are Khepri(creation), earth phase, transition, higher self, and then establishing one’s self in the higher postures.

Explain what impressed you most.
What impressed me most was a couple of quotes by Sebai MAA where he stated, “Wisdom equals knowledge plus experience. Info does not equal wisdom and intellectual brightness does not equal enlightenment.”
“Intuition means that you are not using intellect. It’s a direct understanding.”

The three step process of reaching an intuition level of understanding is: